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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep – Where to Find Ethereal Charms, Essence of Greed Quest

Head for this room in Temple of Crota.

by William Schwartz


In Destiny 2 Shadowkeep one of the main quests in the game requires you to track down different essences and then cleanse them by completing activities in-game or finding specific items.  One of those items is the Ethereal Charms required to cleanse the Essence of Greed.  Completing this cleansing will allow you to get the A Fine Memorial reward which is a legendary gun.


To find the Ethereal Charms you’re going to want to head to the Temple of Crota.  The temple is just past the Anchor of Light which is close to Eris Morn and the Sanctuary Landing Zone.  Just head to the location where the circle is above.  This will lead you to the entry of the temple.


Once inside, it’s a pretty straight forward shot to the Ethereal Charms.  You can basically run past any enemies you encounter to get the charms and it’s linear up to the spot where you get the charms.  Once you get to the room in the picture above, you’ll want to head to the location with the arrow to find the charms.

Once you have the Ethereal Charms you will also need the other parts of the cleansing complete before you’ll get your reward.  For the Essence of Greed you will need to complete Activities on the Moon, kill enemies with Machine Guns and then also have picked up the Ethereal Charms.

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