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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep – Where to Get Necromatic Strand, Essence of Brutality Quest

Head towards Archer's Line to get to the Hall of Wisdom.

by William Schwartz


The Essence of Brutality is another new quest in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep which will give you a powerful weapon to get your started with the new season.  This quest allows you to get the Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon (Legendary) by completing three different tasks.  One of those tasks is to find the Necromatic Strand in the Hall of Wisdom.

Where is the Hall of Wisdom

The Hall of Wisdom is located in the Archer’s Line area of the Moon.  If you spawn in at Sanctuary by Eris Morn you can take the route to the left to head towards Archer’s Line.  Heading into this zone you’ll see a broken pipeline head past that and then across the ravine.  On the right hand side of this area you will find an opening with two large doors.  Head down this pathway at which point you’ll encounter a few Hive Acolytes waiting for you in front of the door you need to go into on the left.

Once inside you’ll be at the Hall of Wisdom.  You should see a marker once inside the Hall telling where the weapon part for the Essence of Brutality is.  It is off to the right, but you’ll probably need to fight through a few enemies.  Simply walk up to the item and collect it for the final part of this quest.

The Essence of Brutality Quest also requires that you complete activities on the Moon and get 50 Hand Cannon Kills as well as getting the Necromantic Strand.  Once all three requirements are met you can take these items to the Lectern near Eris to get the Loud Lullaby Legendary Hand Cannon.

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