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When Does Xur Arrive in Destiny 2?

by William Schwartz


Destiny 2 has been out for only a couple of days now, but the mysterious vendor Xur who’s been frequenting the Tower on a weekly basis for years will not return until September 15th.  Once he does return with his selection of Exotic items, there’s no telling where he’ll show up.

We know that the new Tower holds plenty of locations for Xur to hide.  He could also show up at the Farm as a possible place to set up shop.

Xur’s first appearance will coincide with the release of the Leviathan Raid, two days after the Raid begins so Guardians can stock up on whatever he has on sale for the week.  It’s said that Xur will now deal in a new currency in Destiny 2.

Instead of Strange Coins, Xur will now accept Legendary Shards.  Players can dismantle Legendary and Exotic items to get this currency to spend.  It’s unclear at this point what the pricing will be like compared to the previous game.

Xur’s location has traditionally been random, but the time he arrives has been in the wee hours of the morning in North America.  We’ll have to wait for our first sighting of the vendor to know exactly when he’ll arrive but the first sighting will be on September 15th followed by a return one week later on September 22nd.

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