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Destiny: House Of Wolves Guide To Level 34


As many Destiny fans know with the release of Destiny: House Of Wolves expansion there is the max light level cap to level 34. Our Destiny: House Of Wolves guide will hopefully expedite your climb to the max level.

First off endgame armor now carries a light stat of 42 so you will need a total of 168 light to hit level 34. Now if you have multiples of the same character class this might go a little faster as you can do the weekly missions with other characters to increase your chances of getting the drops you want.

Note: This guide was made with the previous level cap in mind, so if you are a lower light level than 32 it will be a bit longer for you to earn everything and hit max level.


Step 1: Upgrading The Armor

This is the easy part, take an exotic piece that you already have and ascend it. To do so you will need the following; 1,500 Glimmer, 25 Plates for Titans/Sapphire Wire for Hunters/Hydronic Essence for Warlocks, and 1 exotic shard. Doing so, will give you a good boost.

PROTIP: Before you go ahead and upgrade check with Variks The Loyal to see what he is selling. If you go and upgrade a helmet and he is selling an already max level helmet you will feel pretty silly.


Step 2: Participate In The Prison Of Elders Level 32

To do this you will have to A: Beat the story mode and unlock Prison Of Elders and B: have a capable group of two other Guardians who can help you as this works best at the level 32 version of Prison Of Elders.

The reason for doing the level 32 Prison Of Elders is that it results in a guaranteed armor core drop which you can trade at Variks for some gear. Once you grab it and level up the armor you should be around level 33.


Step 3: Participate In The Prison Of Elders Level 34

This is going to be difficult so you need to get two other Guardians who are also light level 33 to even have a hope of standing a chance. When you do and battle your way through The Prison Of Elders Level 34 you will be rewarded with a weapon core that you can trade with Variks for a shiny new weapon. More importantly however, you will be rewarded with an Etheric Light.

Use the Etheric Light on a piece of armor to instantly boost it to give it 42 light.


Step 4: Choose Your Path

Option A: This is where it would come in handy to have multiple characters of the same Guardian class. You could transfer your gear to another character and go straight into the Level 34 Prison Of Elders and grab that Etheric Light and level up your armor to become Light Level 34. However, if you do not have multiple characters of the same class, then you might be in for a bit of a long haul.

Now if you have another character who is a different class, you will have to repeat steps 1-3 all over again or do one of the options below.

Option B: Gather some friends and go head first into the Weekly Nightfall Strike, which has a chance of dropping an Etheric Light. No assurances.

Option C: Iron Banner rewards can be few and far between, but if you level up your Iron Banner rank to level 3 or level 5 you will be rewarded with an Etheric Light.

No matter your choice this is the end of the road and if you followed the Destiny: House Of Wolves guide than you should be okay and be a nice shiny level 34. Now you can either grab some friends and go into The Prison Of Elders level 35 or help out your friends.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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