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Destruction All-Stars: How to Mute People

Here's how to mute toxic players

by Joseph Ocasio


Destruction All-Stars is the latest multiplayer game to launch on PS5. While playing online is a great way to meet up with strangers who can potentially become close friends, it also has people who are just there to ruin the fun for everyone. You’ve met them all before: The racist homophobe, the 12-year-old who keeps saying how much he did your mom, est. We’ve come to accept that, no matter what, there will always be terrible people with a microphone saying things only to piss them off.

Luckily, like many online games that let you mute players if they’re making things too toxic of a place to play in, Destruction All-Stars lets you mute obnoxious players. But, the biggest issue is how to do it in the first place. Most games will let you press pause, go over to a user’s name and mute them, or just let you mute everyone. All-Stars is pretty confusing in how it lets you do this.

To mute all players, press the PS home button on the Dual Sense Controller, quickly scroll up to the Activity Card, and press Square. As of this writing, there is no way to mute individual players, so you’ll have to keep everyone around you quiet if one person is causing trouble. Additionally, you’ll have to do this with every match since there’s no option not to join the game chat in any way.

Hopefully, the team at Lucid Games will iron out some of these kinks in the future.

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