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Destruction AllStars Update 02.003.000 Patch Notes

This update reduces the frequency of "ghost hits" and more.

by Diego Perez


Update 02.003.000 has arrived for Destruction AllStars, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. This update fixes a lot of issues that players have been encountering in multiplayer matches. It also focuses on improving the core gameplay of Destruction AllStars, reducing the frequency of “ghost hits” and reducing the cooldown on all vehicle slams to speed up gameplay. Season One has also been extended and additional tiers have been added to the AllStar Pass. Here’s everything new with Destruction AllStars update 02.003.000.

Destruction AllStars Update 02.003.000 Patch Notes

  • “Ghost Hits”
    • One of the biggest points of feedback was on so-called “ghost hits” during multiplayer games.
    • We’ve worked on a new set of parameters between the game and the servers which should help keep everyone in sync a bit better than it had previously. From our own playtests, some of our team have described these improvements as night and day in how much they’ve helped reduce the number of “ghost hits” experienced.
  • More Slamming and Ramming
    • We’ve drastically lowered the cooldown on vehicle slams for all common vehicle types along with all our Hero Vehicles.
    •  By increasing the frequency at which you can slam an opposing player, we feel this change brings a whole new level of destruction and fun to the game, as players are performing spectacular wrecks with increased frequency.
  • New Ways to Play and More
    • New high quality skins and cosmetics
    • Online parties for solo game modes
    • A new Quickplay playlist
    • Buffs to AllStars and Hero Vehicles
    • Two Reworked Mayhem maps with smaller arena size (going live in a few weeks)
    • Three new premium AllStar Pass tiers
    • Refreshed shop interface
  • Beyond Season One
    • As a result of focusing on the game’s core experience, we’re extending Season One and adding additional tiers to the AllStar Pass
    •  We’ll return with updates on future Seasons at a later date.

Destruction AllStars is available now on PlayStation 5. For more information regarding this patch, visit the PlayStation Blog.

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