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Devil May Cry 5 How to Get New Outfits & Change Costumes

To get the best costumes you're going to have to earn them.

by William Schwartz


To get the unlockable costumes in Devil May Cry 5 you’re going to need to beat the game on a very challenging difficulty level.  To unlock a Super Costume for Nero, V, and Dante you’re going to need to complete the game on the Dante Must Die difficulty level to do so.  Beating the game on this difficulty level one time will unlock the new costumes for you to use on each character.

How to Change Costumes in Devil May Cry 5

After you’ve got the new super costumes you can change them before you start any mission in the game by changing them in the Mission Select screen.  Whichever costume you wore last with a specific character will be represented in the game’s menu screens.

To unlock the Dante Must Die difficulty you’re going to need to beat the game first on Human or Devil Hunter and then again on the Son of Sparda mode which unlocks after beating the game with either of the first two modes.

Once you have access to the new costumes you will be able to access Super Dante, Super V, or Super Nero.  The look of the characters is different as they have glowing eyes and other differences from their default character models.

Alongside these Super Costumes that can be unlocked, there are some costumes that can be used that are pre-order bonuses.  These can also be selected from the mission select screen.

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