Devil May Cry 5 How to Get Secret Ending

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Devil May Cry 5 has numerous difficulty modes to tackle and it’s got numerous endings to see as well.  One of the secret endings in the game will require that you beat Urizen to get the “Well I’ll Be Damned” Trophy/Achievement.  The Secret Ending in Devil May Cry 5 can actually be unlocked by beating this main boss of the game during the Prologue sequence.

How to Get the Secret Ending in Devil May Cry 5

Once you take control of Nero in the prologue you will have the opportunity to beat Urizen.  You can beat Urizen on any skill level, but it’s quite hard to do on any difficulty other than the Heaven or Hell difficulty level.

If you do defeat Urizen in the Prologue you will be treated to a unique ending and the following text:

“The one who usurped the demon throne was vanquished.  Peace returned to the world above.  

Indeed, this was the perfect conclusion all had hoped for. 

Come, raise your fist in victory and celebration.  A new legend has been born. “

“Beating” Devil May Cry V this way does seem to be more of a joke than anything else.  Doing so will still roll the credits, but you will still earn a rank and more importantly you’ll earn the Well I’ll be Damned trophy.

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