Devil May Cry 5 How to Switch Arms & Change Devil Breakers

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One of Nero’s abilities in Devil May Cry 5 after having his arm severed are his new Devil Breakers.  These prosthetic arms made by Nico have varying abilities that Nero can use in battle.  So how do change devil breakers and switch arms with the character?  Unfortunately the answer is a little bit complicated.

How to Change Devil Breakers and Switch Arms with Nero

Devil Breakers can only be equipped as a loadout that can only be used in order they are equipped. The item can be broken or self-destructed to get you out of a jam, so there is a slight work-around to changing them.  While it might not be the most economical approach, using the self destruct method for Devil Breakers can certainly change them for you when you’re in a pinch.

The alternative method to switching Devil Breakers

If you absolutely have to change from one Devil Breaker to another you can press the LB/L1 button to destroy the devil breaker and you will automatically equip the next one in your loadout.  There is no way to change Devil Breakers while in combat or re-order them in your loadout.  You have to do this before you enter into a mission.  Using this work-around is the only way to change on the fly.

However, if you die on a level you can use either Gold Orbs, or Red Orbs to buy back into your game.  A Gold Orb will replenish your Devil Breakers.  Depending on the tier of respawn you purchase with red orbs you may or may not get Devil Breakers refilled.

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