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Devil May Cry 5 How to Get SSS Combo

Smokin' Sexy Style Combos Made Easier.

by William Schwartz


Devil May Cry is all about style.  The game ranks you on each encounter that you have with enemies, and then it will give you an overall rank that you’ve achieved once you complete a level.  This guide will explain what you need to do to get S Ranks (Savage Combos), SS Ranks (), and SSS Ranks (Smokin’ Sexy Style!!) when playing Devil May Cry 5.

Getting S rank combos and higher in Devil May Cry are going to be character dependent as Dante, Nero, and V all have a unique move sets.  However, there are some things that you can keep in mind with each character to give you a better chance of pulling off these stylish combos and getting that elusive SSS combo.

The name of the game in getting S rank combos with all characters is to keep your combo going with as many different attacks as possible while trying not to get hit or slow down.  You’re going to want to keep moving constantly when going for SSS rank combos.  You’re also going to want to chain different moves together from your melee abilities to your special abilities with each character you’re going to try and keep the combo going.

In the midst of all of this you can also taunt your enemies to keep your combo building.  Between your different abilities for each character, taunting, and trying to avoid getting hit you’ll have a better chance of getting SSS Combos in Devil May Cry 5.

Getting S Rank – SSS Rank Combos with Nero

Nero is probably the hardest character to get super stylish with for series veterans if just for his move set out of the gate, but it’s totally possible to get stylish combos with this character.  You’re going to want to use all of the basic strategies for getting S-Rank combos in the game, but you’re also going to want to master the manual dodge that Nero has to avoid getting hit and losing rank progress.

Once you’ve got a nice combo going with your melee weapon you can start pouring on the combo points by switching over to your Devil Breakers.  These can hit multiple enemies at once (depending on which one you have equipped) and you can really put the icing on a lengthy combo and get S, SS, or SSS ranks.

You can also try using the charge technique with the Red Queen to give you more style points.  Tapping the LT (L2) button will charge and rev up Nero’s sword.  Many of the Devil Breakers also have charge abilities that are extremely powerful so use these in your combos as well.  But it’s worth noting that many of the charge abilities will consume the Breaker as it will break.

Getting S Rank – SSS Rank Combos with Dante

Dante has a lot of moves at his finger tips and he’s one of the more complex characters in the game.  Since most Devil May Cry fans are going to familiar with his different styles he’s going to be pretty easy to rack up combo points with.  Dante has numerous weapons available right from the start, and even more once you continue to progress in the game.  He has different range melee weapons and different projectile weapons that can all be used in combination to get S Rank combos.  You can even use the Left and Right Triggers to cycle through these items mid combo to keep it going strong.

The ability to switch between weapons is Dante’s biggest strength.  As you’ll quickly get into S-Rank or SS Rank just by switching between his weapons as they’ll give you the max bonus on first use.  Make sure you switch weapons and follow the basic instructions above and S Rank, SS Rank, or SSS Ranks should be easy to come by with Dante.

Getting S Rank – SSS Rank Combos with V

While V is a newcomer to the Devil May Cry series he’s certainly getting a reputation for being stylish among players.  He is the easiest to get S ranks with because of the multitude of attacks that he has and the fast Devil Trigger charge that he has.

You’re going to want to use the same principles as the other characters to get S Ranks with V, meaning you’re going to want to avoid getting hit and keeping your combos going.  The good part about V is that he doesn’t actually do anything but land the finishing blows so you’re going to be using minions to do the real dirty work.  The two basic attacks from V are enough to get your S Rank Combo building but once his Trigger is ready the Nightmare attack can really boost the meter quickly.

Calling in the Nightmare with Devil Trigger and then finishing any purple enemies off quickly with V himself will boost your rank quickly.  V is almost defenseless though so you’re going to have move in and out of enemy range very quickly if you don’t want to lose Stylish Combo points in the process of trying to earn them.

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