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Dirt 5 – How To Get Better Sponsors

Get better payouts and bonuses.

by Dean James


The Dirt series like most racers provides players with a number of single player offerings. That is also the case with the brand new Dirt 5, which has the Career mode available for you to play through. While you are playing through Career Mode though, you will want to get better rewards and money as you go along. This is where Sponsors come into play, with you able to get new and better Sponsors in the game. Knowing how to get more is very important and this guide will tell you how.

How To Get Better Sponsors

Sponsors are like you always see with racers, with them paying you to go out there and show off their brand. When you first start up Career mode and start playing through it, you will only have one Sponsor at your disposal. This will be Codemasters themselves, which you can continue to level up by earning more Rep.

At this point, you will not have the ability to switch to another Sponsor. However, that will come not too much later as you continue to play through different Events. Eventually, AJ will interject between races and tell you that you have additional Sponsors to choose from now. You can either choose to switch or stick with Codemasters at that time.

After that, you should begin to notice more Sponsor options showing up and unlocking for you. This will happen as you continue to play through different Events. Getting further into the game’s Career mode will bring you more options when it comes to Sponsors, which makes total sense in the grand scheme of things.

Another thing of note is that you can switch Sponsors at anytime from this menu. However, the one thing that will probably keep you from switching often is that switching will reset your Rep that you earn by completing races. Since you don’t want to do this when you’ve really built your rep up, you may want to hold off switching until you have a Sponsor with an offer you can’t refuse.

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