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The Division Guide: How to Get Gold High-End Legendary Weapons, Gear, and Mods


If you’ve made it to level 30 in The Division, you’re now on a mission to get high-end weapons, gear, and mods for your character to tackle the game’s tougher challenges and end-game content.  Sounds simple enough, but The Division doesn’t hand out these Yellow/Gold weapons and equipment without some hurdles. However, there are plenty of ways to go about getting them.  Here are all the methods we’ve found to get the very best weapons and gear in The Division.


Method 1:  Buy Gold High-End Weapons with Phoenix Credits at the Base of Operations

Once you’ve reached level 30 in The Division, you’ll gain access to a few new vendors in the game which will sell you Gold High-End Weapons and Gear.  There are a couple of ways to purchase these weapons and gear, and you can use normal currency as well an end-game currency called Phoenix Credits. Phoenix Credits can be earned from doing Daily Challenges and defeating bosses/exploring in the Dark Zone.  Not all vendors require Phoenix Credits to purchase High-End Gear.  An Advanced Weaponry Vendor found in the Security Wing will sell you Gold weapons, for a substantial sum of regular credits.  The two weapons currently being sold at this vendor start at around 500,000 credits.

So how do you earn Phoenix Credits?  The easiest way to earn them in bulk is to do Daily Missions and challenges.  You can also grab 30 free Phoenix Credits in the Ubisoft Club to get you started.  Most decent high-end gear costs between 100-300 Phoenix Credits,


Method 2:  Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are effectively the toughest things to in The Division.  At least right now, before any “raid content” has been released.  These missions are simply harder versions of the game’s regular missions, but the enemies being thrown at the player are a much tougher challenge.  The rewards, however, are very good.  For doing this daily mission, you’ll earn Phoenix Credits, which can be used to buy Gold Weapons outright, and gold crafting materials.  The mission rewards are even more Phoenix Credits, normal credits, and a guaranteed Gold Gear item.

Daily Challenges require an incredible amount of teamwork to complete, but the rewards are the greatest with a guaranteed gold high-end gear piece.


Method 3: Challenging Mode

Challenging Mode is a little bit different than Daily Challenges in that they don’t offer the added bonuses of high-end parts and extra Phoenix Credits, but they do still guarantee a high-end piece of equipment as a reward.  These missions have been a little easier than the daily challenges, and you can run them multiple times to keep earning new high-end pieces.

Method 4: Dark Zone

The Dark Zone is one of the most interesting parts of The Division.  It’s a place where players fight against AI mobs, as well as each other.  Here you can earn high-end gear in a number of ways.  First and foremost, there are a number of bosses that roam the six zones within the Dark Zone.  There’s a good chance that defeating a boss in the Dark Zone will net you a gold drop, but it’s all up to random generation.  Of course, given the nature of the Dark Zone, you could also win a gold drop from a player vs. player encounter as well.  Phoenix Credits are also doled out by defeating certain enemies in the Dark Zone.  Unfortunately, the Dark Zone is a dangerous place.  Even if you manage to pick up a gold drop from a player or enemy, you still have to get it to a drop zone and extract the item(s).


A Special Vendor in the Dark Zone, located in the Safe House of zone six at the northern most part of the Dark Zone will also sell you Gold Weapons/Armor.  However, purchasing from this vendor requires that you are Dark Zone Level 50.  This vendor only accepts Phoenix credits and refreshes stock each week.

Happy hunting Division players.  Gold gear and weapons raise DPS, Health, and Skill Power considerably and will most likely be necessary to beat the game’s toughest challenges that lie ahead with expansions and raids.


- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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