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The Division Guide: How to Get Lock Picks

by Kyle Hanson


Tom Clancy’s The Division is finally out, letting millions of players of players try to take back New York from the scavengers and other baddies. On your quest you’ll encounter tons of things to collect, unlock, and discover. Some of the more important of these are the locked doors that hide the better loot in the entire game.

The Division is full of great loot to find and equip to your character, but the best of it, at least the stuff that isn’t found in the Dark Zone, is locked up in quarantine zones behind locked doors. To get into them you need to have lock picks on you, but how do you get them?

Unfortunately, the answer is to simply get lucky. There is no set, definite way to get lock picks in The Division, as they are simply dropped randomly by enemies. You can also grab them out of the satchels located throughout the world, though these too are randomly generated.

If you really need to get lock picks in The Division, the only thing to do is load up some of the easier missions in the game, perhaps the starting ones near the main base, and run through them, killing anything you see. While you won’t get a ton of good loot drops, and the XP boost will be marginal, you will greatly increase your odds of getting a random lock pick loot drop.

The Division relies pretty heavily on random chance as far as what loot you get, so it’s not too surprising that this important item is also hidden behind RNG. Hopefully the weight isn’t too bad, so you can actually get a few on you for the next big mission though. If anything, while you try to get a lock pick, you might end up getting a loot drop that you actually like.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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