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The Division Guide: How to Unlock All Skills

by Dean James


Just like you would expect from a game like Tom Clancy’s The Division, there are a number of skills for you to unlock and use that are spread across three different branches, each one of which can help you in different ways while playing.

The three skill trees available are Medical, Tech, and Security, which you can go back and forth between if you so choose. At the start, you can choose any of the three starting skills for each tree, with more becoming available in each tree by upgrading specific wings in your base. Also, you can only equip one skill at the start, but by leveling up, more spots will open up for you.

Each of the three skills trees have four skills to unlock, with the fourth being known as a Signature Skill that can really be useful, though take a long time to recharge.

The first three skills in each tree also have modifiers and a Master rank that are achieved by upgrading specific wings, but the Signature Skills do not have these available.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a guide of all the available skills for you to access and just what they do and how to unlock them for easy access. This should help you get going as be a good reference for when you are looking to see what direction you want to go here.

Medical Skill Tree

Pulse – Sends out a recon pulse that marks hostiles and allies through walls and covers.
Mod: Recon Pack – The pulse has an increased range and is capable of locating nearby loot containers. (Requires Quarantine Medical Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Scrambler – The pulse protects the user and all allies from hostile pulse scans. (Requires Quarantine Medical Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Tactical Scanner – Damage is increased when attacking any hostile targets identified by the pulse scan. (Requires Medical Quarantine Wing Upgrade)
Master: Threat Detector – The pulse gives an early warning of nearby hostiles and identifies if the user has been scanned by a hostile pulse. (Build all Medical Wing upgrades)

First Aid – Heals all allies within a small radius. The device can be used on location or launched to a distant target. (Requires Clinic Medical Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Defibrillator – The device can revive downed allies and grant them a portion of their normal health (Requires Intensive Care Medical Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Overdose – The device heals targets more efficiently, and may even extend the target’s health beyond its normal rating. (Requires Intensive Care Medical Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Booster Shot – Temporarily increases damage for the affected targets in addition to the normal healing effect. (Requires Intensive Care Medical Wing Upgrade)
Master: Extended Service – Extends the duration of the effect, giving allies more time to approach the device. (Build all Medical Wing upgrades)

Support Station – Drops a support station that heals allies and can be used to revive downed allies. (Requires Virus Lab Medical Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Life Support – Drops a revival station that automatically revives any allies who are downed within the affect area. (Requires Hazmat Unit Medical Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Immunizer – Drops a recovery station that removes Status Effects and makes allies immune while within the affected area. (Requires Hazmat Unit Medical Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Ammo Cache – While close to the device, allies regain their ammo as they reload, and skill cooldown recovery is faster. (Requires Hazmat Unit Medical Wing Upgrade)
Master: Discharge – When the device is disabled, nearby allies receive immediate healing. (Build all Medical Wing upgrades)

Signature Skill: Recovery Link – Heals and cures the user and nearby allies. Revives downed allies within range. Can “overheal” beyond maximum health. (Requires Disaster Aid Medical Wing Upgrade)

Tech Skill Tree

Sticky Bomb – Fires a bomb that sticks to most surfaces and explodes when detonated remotely.
Mod: BFB – Increases the damage and radius of the explosion and may cause targets to bleed. (Requires Generators Tech Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Flashbang – The bomb explodes with a non-lethal effect than blinds and disrupts all targets in range. (Requires Generators Tech Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Proximity Fuse – The bomb explodes automatically when a hostile target is within range. ((Requires Generators Tech Wing Upgrade)
Master: Stealthy Bomb – The bomb produces less light and sound, making it harder for hostiles to detect. (Build all Tech Wing Upgrades)

Turret – Deploys a stationary turret that attacks nearby hostiles until it is destroyed or its battery runs out. (Requires Control Room Tech Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Active Sensor – Increases the turret’s damage and pulses attacked targets, making them visible to all allies. (Requires Water Purification Tech Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Dragonbreath – The turret has a reduced range but shoots a column of fire. (Requires Water Purification Tech Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Zapper – The turret shoots electrical darts that damage and shock multiple targets. (Requires Water Purification Tech Wing Upgrade)
Master: Scored Earth – The turret explodes when manually disabled, damaging all nearby targets. (Build all Tech Wing Upgrades)

Seeker Mine – Releases an automated mine that seeks out hostile targets before exploding on proximity. (Requires Communications Tech Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Airburst – Upon impact, the mine is launched in the air and releases a cluster of small incendiary explosives. (Requires Field Engineering Tech Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Gas Charge – Upon impact, the mine moves between multiple targets and releases a cloud of gas. (Requires Field Engineering Tech Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Cluster – The mine separates into smaller mines that seek out multiple targets simultaneously. (Requires Field Engineering Tech Wing Upgrade)
Master: Seeking-Betty – The mine can bounce into and over low covers, and can move directly towards its target. (Built all Tech Wing Upgrades)

Signature Skill: Tactical Link – Increases damage and critical hit chance to the user and all nearby allies. (Requires Division Tech Tech Wing Upgrade)

Security Skill Tree

Ballistic Shield – Equips a portable Ballistic Shield that absorbs damage. The user can only use their sidearm while the shield is active.
Mod: Reactive Targeting – Equips a stronger and lighter shield that pulses hostiles who shoot at it. (Requires Dark Zone Ops Security Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Assault Shield – Equips a shield that grants the user’s sidearm increased damage, knockback, increased accuracy, and faster reload speed. (Requires Dark Zone Ops Security Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Kinetic Breaker – Grants the user a small portion of incoming damage as healing. (Requires Dark Zone Ops Security Wing Upgrade)
Master: Self-healing Armor – After a short time without taking any damage, the shield slowly repairs itself to full health. (Built all Security Wing upgrades)

Smart Cover – Reinforces a cover, increasing the user’s damage and decreasing the incoming damage for all allies behind it. (Requires Situation Room Security Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Trapper – Hostile targets using a reinforced cover deal less damage, while taking increased damage. (Requires Supply Line Security Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Recharger – Allies using a reinforced cover slowly recover their health and get their skill cooldowns decreased. (Requires Supply Line Security Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Concealment – Allies using a reinforced cover are hidden from hostile pulses and have reduced threat. Hostiles shot by allies from behind the cover are pulsed. (Requires Supply Line Security Wing Upgrade)
Master: Cover Trail – Extends the effect so that it lasts for a period of time after leaving the cover. (Build all Security Wing upgrades)

Mobile Cover – Creates a temporary cover for one person, which provides standard cover protection until destroyed. (Requires Armory Security Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Extension – The cover provides more protection and extends to protect two person. (Requires Gunsmith Security Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Black Shield – The cover is fitted with remote explosives that damage hostiles in front of it when the shield is disabled (Requires Gunsmith Security Wing Upgrade)
Mod: Countermeasures – While using the cover, the user deals increased damage and becomes immune to pulses. (Requires Gunsmith Security Wing Upgrade)
Master: Second Chance – When the cover is destroyed by incoming damage, all allies behind the shield receive temporary damage resistance. (Build all Security Wing upgrades)

Signature Skill: Survivor Link – Increases damage resistance and speed for the user and nearby allies (Requires Barracks Security Wing Upgrade)

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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