Do Shiny Pokemon Glimmer On The Overworld in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Will it be easier to spot a Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet?

by Shaun Cichacki

Trainers have plenty to look forward to in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, especially those that enjoy the fine art of Shiny Hunting. With Pokemon once again appearing on the map instead of being a random encounter, the hunt is on once more. Not only will gamers have the ability to tackle tasks in their preferred order, but the world full of free-roaming monsters helps bring this new formula to life more than ever before.

But, for those interested in finding these alternate versions of their favorite Pokemon, is there a way to signify if they are actually shiny? With new Tera Type monsters getting a vibrant glowing aura, will Shiny Pokemon be treated the same way, or is the hunt more difficult than ever before?

How To Spot Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

While exploring the vast world laid out before players, there is a rare chance that a Shiny Pokemon will emerge. While offering no competitive advantage in battle, having a way to showcase your favorite monsters in a new light is always exciting for players. There are even some gamers that go as far as collecting the full Pokedex of just Shiny Pokemon, so having a way to hunt for them is key.

This time around, however, things are a little bit different. Eagle-eyed players will need to be extra focused this time around, as there are no signs on the overworld that a Pokemon could be shiny. However, being able to spot the color difference before going into a battle will allow players the chance to hunt down their favorite monster with ease. Some Pokemon are a bit more subtle in their variations, such as Pikachu being a slightly different shade of its iconic yellow, so Trainers will need to be extra vigilant when hunting for these monsters.

However, at the beginning of an encounter with a wild Pokemon, they will still see the familiar flash of stars and noise to signal that this Pokemon is Shiny. Those that are using the Lets Go! mechanic will also be glad to know that their Pokemon can and will not knock out a Shiny either. This could be used as an easy way to determine if a Pokemon is rare, as your leader decides to chase but not attack. The hunt is more exhilarating than ever before, but it could be nice for an option to toggle a glimmer or spark to showcase these rare Pokemon on the map.

As players hunt down new monsters and evolve new favorites with special items, there is more to these games than ever before. With the Paldea Region being the largest world in a Pokemon title to date, players that have picked up Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have plenty to look forward to as they set out on their Treasure Hunts.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.