Do You Need to Play Alan Wake 1 Before Alan Wake 2?

Is it mandatory to play the first Alan Wake before the sequel?

by Christian Bognar
Do You Need to Play Alan Wake 1 Before Alan Wake 2?
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It has been 13 years since the original Alan Wake was released, and the sequel is definitely worth the wait. If you’re new to the series, we got you covered, as this guide will explain if you need to play Alan Wake 1 before Alan Wake 2.

Do You Need to Play the First Alan Wake Before Alan Wake 2?

Simply put, you don’t need to play Alan Wake 1 before jumping into Alan Wake 2. While the story of Alan Wake 2 focuses on the main character of the first and is considered a continuation, the story is entirely its own thing, and you won’t feel lost if you skip the original.

According to the official Alan Wake FAQ page, the developers even answer this question by stating that players will be fine skipping the first Alan Wake entry. The website says, “Alan Wake 2 is a sequel but set up as a stand-alone experience.” Remedy Entertainment also mentions that newcomers can enjoy the experience without knowledge of the previous game. The same is said about playing Control before Alan Wake 2.

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Is It Recommended to Play Alan Wake 1 Before Alan Wake 2?

If you want to get the most out of the Alan Wake 2 experience, then yes, playing Alan Wake 1 before the sequel is recommended. The main reason is that the game has lore that makes callbacks to the original, and knowing that lore can make the overall gameplay experience more satisfying.

If you are still on the fence, take my opinion on the matter. I have been playing Alan Wake 2 without ever touching the first one or the remaster of the first, and I am thoroughly enjoying my experience. I can easily follow along with the story, not be confused, and still enjoy every step of the way.

If you still don’t feel comfortable going into Alan Wake 2 with no knowledge of the first, feel free to do a quick Google search or watch a YouTube video explaining everything you need to know. Or, you can purchase the first Alan Wake for a cheap 20 bucks on the Xbox, Steam, and PlayStation stores!

- This article was updated on October 27th, 2023

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