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Does Rust Console Edition Have Aim Assist?

Do controller players get aim assist?

by Diego Perez


Aim assist is a contentious topic among the Rust community, but Console Edition players may need the feature to make aiming more comfortable on a controller. Precise gunplay is a core aspect of Rust, and a single well-placed shot can be the difference between life and death. In a game like Rust, death can set players back quite a bit, so fans want everything to be as fair as possible. PC players don’t need to worry about this because there’s no crossplay between Rust Console Edition and the PC version, but can console players use aim assist on their own servers? Here’s everything you need to know about aim assist in Rust Console Edition.

Is There Aim Assist in Rust Console Edition?

At the moment, aim assist is not available in Rust Console Edition. Aim assist is coming to Rust Console Edition in a future update, but it will only be available on specific servers to ensure a level playing field. These servers will be marked, so players who do not want to use aim assist can join a server without it. The option to enable it is present in the game’s settings menu right now, but it cannot currently be enabled.


For the most part, Console Edition servers will not have aim assist enabled by default. It will only be enabled on a small selection of official servers, and community servers and private servers will be able to toggle the setting on or off based on the admin’s preference. There is currently no release window for aim assist. Developer Double Eleven is currently testing the functionality internally and they will patch it into the game when they know it is ready. There are several content updates planned for Rust Console Edition in the months following launch, so it could come with any one of those patches.

In the meantime, Console Edition players will just have to get used to aiming without any sort of assistance on a controller. Most console games use some form of aim assist, even if it’s not incredibly strong, so playing an FPS on a controller and only relying on raw input can take a lot of patience and practice, especially for newer players. Thankfully, there’s only crossplay between the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game, so everyone will be on a level playing field at least. There won’t be any keyboard and mouse players coming in with a clear advantage.

Rust is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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