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Doom Eternal – Battlemode Multiplayer Explained

A different kind of multiplayer.

by Diego Perez


Like Doom 2016, Doom Eternal still offers a multiplayer mode, but Battlemode is a little different from a traditional deathmatch. Rather than placing several players in an arena and tasking them with racking up as many kills as possible, Doom Eternal takes a different approach to competitive multiplayer. Battlemode is an asynchronous multiplayer mode, placing one player in the shoes of the Doomslayer and two other players in control of some of the game’s demons. Either the Doomslayer rips and tears his way to victory, or the demons gain the upper hand and defeat the legendary warrior in combat.

How Does Battlemode Work in Doom Eternal?

Battlemode is a 2v1 multiplayer mode where one player takes control of the Doomslayer and the other two players take control of demons. The Doomslayer is equipped with every weapon from the campaign as well as each mod available for each weapon, and anyone who has completed Doom Eternal’s story will feel right at home slaughtering an onslaught of demons online. The demon team can choose from a handful of demon types, each with their own unique abilities and weapons. The Revenant, for example, comes equipped with a rocket launcher and a jetpack, making it a deadly aerial threat.

The demon team can employ various abilities and hazards that will force the Doomslayer into bad situations, and they can see an outline of him as long as one demon player has him in their sights. If the Doomslayer manages to break line of sight, however, the outline disappears, and they regain the element of surprise. Just like in the campaign, the Doomslayer can regain health, ammo, and armor through glory kills, chainsaw kills, and flame belch kills respectively, but the demons have the ability to shut down this mechanic for a short period of time, preventing the Doomslayer from healing or getting ammo. If timed right, the demons can catch the Doomslayer at an opportune time and finish him off while he’s low on resources.

Bethesda has created an overview video providing a more detailed look at Battlemode, and you can check that out below.

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