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Doom Eternal – How to Get the Super Shotgun

A series staple returns.

by Diego Perez


Doom is a franchise that’s home to some of gaming’s most iconic and powerful weapons, like the BFG 9000 for example, and Doom Eternal includes these weapons in the best forms they’ve ever been in, including a beloved series staple: the Super Shotgun. The Super Shotgun is an extremely powerful close-range weapon, making the combat shotgun that you start the game with seem like a peashooter by comparison. It fires from both of its barrels at once, completely obliterating any demon unfortunate enough to be in your way. It also comes equipped with the Meat Hook, an under-barrel grappling hook that can pull you toward your target for a devastating point-blank blast. Much like in Doom 2016, the Super Shotgun in Doom Eternal cannot be obtained until a few levels into the campaign. This is how to get the Super Shotgun in Doom Eternal.

How to Get the Super Shotgun in Doom Eternal

The Super Shotgun is obtained in the third mission of the game, the Cultist Base. It’s tied to a mission objective, so it’s impossible to miss. At one point during the mission, you will take control of a Revenant drone, armed with powerful rocket launchers and a jetpack. After clearing an arena of demons as the Revenant, grab the Super Shotgun and return to where you came from. You’ll lose control of the Revenant, but it will hand you the Super Shotgun in return.

The Super Shotgun is ridiculously powerful at close-range, and it should be one of your go-to options for up close and personal encounters. It’s unique in that it’s the only weapon in the game to have only one weapon mod available, the aforementioned Meat Hook grappling hook, but this mod is so useful that a second mod option would definitely be overshadowed. Use the Super Shotgun’s high damage output to demolish demons up close, and use the Meat Hook to quickly bring yourself toward faraway foes.

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