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Doom Eternal – The Best Mods for Every Weapon

Rip and tear in your own way.

by Diego Perez


The many weapons of Doom Eternal feature several weapon mods that drastically change their function, making them suitable for a variety of situations. Each weapon can be upgraded with two weapon mods, but with upgrade bots being far and few in between throughout the campaign, it’s important to choose the best mod for every weapon when presented with the choice. Of course, weapon mods come down to personal preference, but some mods outshine their counterparts by enhancing the functionality of a weapon or covering its weaknesses in a certain way. These are the best mods for each weapon in Doom Eternal.

Combat Shotgun – Sticky Bomb

The Combat Shotgun is the first weapon you get in Doom Eternal, and as such, it is your bread and butter. This is a very versatile weapon, and its only real weakness is its range. By adding a Sticky Bomb, you gain the ability to do damage from afar with the Combat Shotgun, clearing groups of Imps and other troublesome ranged demons with a single blast. The Sticky Bomb is also helpful for dealing with Cacodemons, which become instantly staggered if you lob on into their open mouths. If you miss with a frag grenade, it’s nice to have a backup in the form of a Sticky Bomb.

Heavy Cannon – Precision Bolt

For dealing with weak spots, there’s no better tool than the Precision Bolt Mod for the Heavy Cannon. As a matter of fact, when weak spots are introduced in the opening level of Doom Eternal, the Heavy Cannon’s Precision Bolt is the featured weapon in the tutorial, hammering home the fact that it is the preferred method of dealing precise damage from afar. It can one-shot just about any demon’s weak spots, from the Arachnotron’s cannon to the Mancubus’ flamethrowers. If you can aim well, especially if you’re playing with a keyboard and mouse, this mod is a no brainer.

Plasma Rifle – Heat Blast

The Plasma Rifle is an incredibly useful weapon because it’s the one weapon that can melt enemy shields with ease. Enemy shields already trigger an explosion when destroyed, but the Plasma Rifle’s Heat Blast mod can finish off any stragglers with the press of a button. You’re going to be holding down the trigger of the Plasma Rifle for long periods of time, and as you’re shooting, the weapon will build up heat that you can expel as a powerful blast with this mod. When fully charged, the Heat Blast mod can devastate even the strongest demons, dealing significant damage to the likes of Hell Knights and more.

Rocket Launcher – Lock-On Burst

Although it uses up a large chunk of ammo, the Lock-On Burst mod will save you a lot of headaches throughout Doom Eternal. The Rocket Launcher already excels at doing massive damage to strong enemies and bosses, but the weapon’s normal function pales in comparison to being able to launch three rockets at once. The Lock-On Burst mod can absolutely shred bosses like the Doom Hunter, making quick work of otherwise tough encounters. The other Rocket Launcher mod is decent, but the Lock-On Burst mod is better by a mile.

Super Shotgun – Meat Hook

The Meat Hook is the best Super Shotgun mod because it’s the only Super Shotgun mod. There’s not a lot to say about this one because you don’t really get a choice regarding it. Still, the Meat Hook is one of the more satisfying weapon mods in Doom Eternal, offering a brutal variation of a grappling hook. Mobility is key in Doom Eternal, and being able to pull yourself toward distant demons is a useful ability to have. It’s also incredibly satisfying to hook into a demon and blast them point-blank once you get close to them.

Ballista – Arbalest

The Ballista is the closest thing Doom Eternal has to a precision-centric weapon like a sniper rifle, and as such, its best mod requires precise aiming to be used effectively. The Arbalest allows the Ballista to fire a single explosive bolt that tears enemies apart if you manage to land it. It deals massive damage, making it perfect for taking down stronger demons with bigger hitboxes like Hell Knights or Cacodemons.

Chaingun – Mobile Turret

The Chaingun already deals high damage at a very fast rate, but the Mobile Turret mod amplifies everything that’s great about the weapon. While you have to sacrifice a little mobility to use the Mobile Turret mod, the Chaingun’s damage output and rate of fire are significantly increased. If you have a positional advantage, turn on the Mobile Turret mod and shred whatever demon is unfortunate enough to stand in your way. Like the Lock-On Burst mod for the Rocket Launcher, it’s also great for quickly felling bosses.


- This article was updated on:March 19th, 2020

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