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Doom Eternal – How to Upgrade Weapons

Make your arsenal more powerful.

by Diego Perez


There are tons of weapons in your arsenal in Doom Eternal, but knowing how to upgrade these weapons will make your demon killing endeavors much more efficient. Each weapon in Doom Eternal has multiple different weapon mods, which are the main weapon upgrades in Doom Eternal. Each mod serves a different purpose, and they can make certain weapons much more useful in certain situations. Thankfully, upgrading weapons in Doom Eternal is fairly simple, and it happens frequently over the course of the campaign.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Doom Eternal

As you make your way through Doom Eternal’s campaign, you’ll come across floating robots that carry weapon mods. By walking up to these robots and interacting with them by pressing R3, you can acquire a new weapon mod for a weapon of your choosing. Each weapon has two mods to choose from, and each mod has several upgrades for itself. The Combat Shotgun, for example, can equip either Sticky Bombs or Full Auto as its weapon mod, and you can swap between the two at will if you acquire both. These mods can be upgraded using Weapon Points, which are obtained through combat encounters.

How to Get Weapon Points

Weapon Points in Doom Eternal are earned by completing encounters. There’s a bar in the top right of your screen that denotes opportunities to earn Weapon Points. The red segments of the bar represent normal combat encounters, the purple segments represent Slayer Gates, the pink segments represent secret encounters, and the yellow segments represent boss encounters. There are 10 Weapon Points to earn in each of Doom Eternal’s levels, so make sure to maximize your earnings by seeking out the optional content rather than skipping over it.

After purchasing all upgrades for a weapon mod, you can start to earn the mastery upgrade for it. Mastery upgrades are incredibly powerful upgrades, and they are obtained by completing an associated challenge that depends on the mod. These challenges can be viewed in the same place you purchase weapon mod upgrades.

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