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Dota Underlords Tier List

Character Tier, Moves, and Alliances for all 60 characters.

by William Schwartz


Dota Underlords works on a tiered system for its characters. You’ll have the ability to purchase characters to take into battle with you, but the higher the tier, the more expensive the character is going to be. The more expensive characters also have abilities that are powerful and can turn the tide of battle. In this Dota Underlords Tier List we’ve compiled the five tiers of characters in the game, their alliances, and the special abilities.

You can expect that each character has a gold cost that equals their Tier. Tier 1 characters cost 1 gold to purchase, Tier 2 characters cost 2 gold, and so on.

Tier One Dota Underlords Heroes

Tier One HeroesAlliancesAbilities
Anti-MageElusive, Demon HunterMana Break – Passive ability allows Anti-Mage to burn opponent mana on each attack
AxeBrawny, WarriorBerserker’s Call – Axe taunts nearby enemies forcing them to attack him
BatriderTroll, KnightSticky Napalm – Batrider throws sticky oil which adds damage to his attacks and slows enemy movement
BloodseekerHuman, AssassinBloodrage – Loses health while in battle, but gains speed and gets back health on kill
Bounty HunterScrappy, AssassinShuriken Toss – Shuriken attack with mini-stun
ClockwerkScrappy, InventorBattery Assault – Discharges high powered shrapnel dealing magic damage and mini-stun
Drow RangerHeartless, HunterPrecision Aura – Adds attack speed and damage to allies nearby
EnchantressSavage, DruidNature’s Attendants – Summons cloud that heal all allies
Ogre MagiBlood-bound, MageBlood Lust – Incites frenzy on ally units increasing movement and attack
Shadow ShamanTroll, ShamanHex – Transforms enemy into harmless creature
TinkerScrappy, InventorHeat-Seeking Missile – Fires a salvo of rockets
TinyPriomordial, WarriorToss – Picks up nearby enemy and launches at farthest target
TuskSavage, WarriorWalrus Punch – critical strike that launches enemy into the air
WarlockBlood-bound, WarlockShadow Word – Spell which can either heal allies or damage enemies


Tier Two Dota Underlords Heroes

Tier Two HeroesAlliancesAbilities
BeastmasterBrawny, HunterWild Axes – Throws axes and hits all enemies in path
Chaos NightDemon, KnightChaos Bolt – Throws bolt which can stun and damage enemy
Crystal MaidenHuman, MageArcane Aura – Grants mana to friendly units
JuggernautBrawny, WarriorBlade Fury – Spins with Blades dealing damage to enemies 1 cell away
LunaElusive, KnightMoon Glaives – Glaive throws bounce between enemies
MorphlingPrimordial, AssassinWaveform – Dissolves into liquid and then damages anything in path
Nature’s ProphetElusive, DruidNature’s Call – Summons Treant from edge of board
PuckElusive, Dragon, MageIllusory Orb – Launches magic orb that damages enemies in path
PudgeHeartless, WarriorMeat Hook – Launhes bloody hooks that drag enemies to him
Queen of PainDemon, AssassinScream of Pain – Scream that damages enemies up to three cells away
SlardarScaled, WarriorCorrosive Haze – Reduces enemy armor for a brief period
TimbersawScrappy, InventorWhirling Death – Blades on suit spin and damage enemies
Treant ProtectorElusive, DruidLeech Seed – Drains enemy health and can heal ally units
WitchdoctorTroll, WarlockParalyzing Cask – Throws paralyzing powder that bounced between enemies


Tier Three Dota Underlords Heroes

Tier Three HeroesAlliancesAbilities
AbaddonHeartless, KnightAphotic Sheild – Protects friendly units and absorbs damage for time period
Arc WardenPrimordial, ShamanTempest Double – Creates a copy of himself
LinaHuman, MageLaguna Blade – Bolt of lightning that deals damage to single unit
LycanHuman, Savage, WarriorSummon Wolves – Summons two wolves to fight alongside him
OmniknightHuman, KnightPurification – Instant heal on ally also damages all enemy units 1 cell away
Phantom AssassinElusive, AssassinCoup de Grace – 10% Chance of delivering devastating crit attack
RazorPrimordial, MagePlasma Field – Release a ring of plasma that damages enemies
Sand KingSavage, AssassinBurrow Strike – Burrows into ground and tunnels forward to damage and stun enemies
Shadow FiendDemon, WarlockRequiem of Souls – Unleashes demonic energy around him and damages nearby
SlarkScaled, AssassinEssence Shift – Attacks lower target’s damage
SniperDeadeye, HunterAssassinate – Powerful charged sniper shot
TerrorbladeDemon, Demon HunterMetamorphosis – Transforms to demon and performs ranged attack
VenomancerSavage, WarlockPlague Ward – Summons plague ward to fight alongside
ViperDragon, AssassinViper Strike – Venom that slows down enemy movement and attack speed while dealing poison
Wind RangerElusive, HunterPowershot – Charged bow attack that does high damage


Tier Four Dota Underlords Heroes

Tier Four HeroesAlliancesAbilities
AlchemistScrappy, WarlockAcid Spray – Ranged acid attack that hits enemies up to 3 cells away
DisruptorBrawny, ShamanStatic Storm – damaging storm that also silences enemies
DoomDemon, WarriorDoom – Curse that prevents enemies from casting spells or using items
Dragon KnightHuman, Dragon, KnightElder Dragon Form – Transforms into dragon
Keeper of the LightHuman, Mageilluminate – Charged magical attack that sends a wave of energy
KunkkaHuman, WarriorGhostship – Summons a ship that sails through the battlefield
Lone DruidSavage, DruidSummon Spirit Bear – Bear Spirit Companion
MedusaScaled, HunterStone Gaze – Enemies looking at her will move slower before ultimately turning to stone
MiranaElusive, HunterSacred Arrow – Long range arrow attack that stuns and deals high damage
NecrophosHeartless, WarlockDeath Pulse – Wave of death that damages enemies and heals allies
Templar AssassinElusive, AssassinRefraction – Becomes elusive and avoids damage while getting a bonus to her damage
Troll WarlordTroll, WarriorFervor – Each blow on a target gets increased speed


Tier Four HeroesAlliancesAbilities
EnigmaPrimordial, WarlockMidnight Pulse – Deals wide area damage to enemy health
GyrocopterDeadeye, InventorCall Down – Launches Missile Strike with wide attack radius
LichHeartless, MageChain Frost – Releases frost orb that bounces between enemies and slowing them and dealing damage
TechiesScrappy, InventorRemote Mines – Plants explosives that detonate and deal massive damage
TidehunterScaled, HunterRavage – Slams the ground causing tentacles to rise dealing damage and stunning

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