Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List

Are you team Vegito or Gogeta?

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Arc System Works, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most successful fighting games in recent memory, thanks to the way it managed to bring the Dragon Ball experience to the genre in a way never seen before. But who are the best characters in the game? Now, in order to answer that and more, here’s a Tier List featuring all the characters currently featured in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List

FighterZ features one of the most balanced rosters in the genre (with a few exceptions), so we focused on analyzing each character’s ability to make an impact on the battlefield as well as their adaptability and potential for comebacks. This list should not discourage you to play as your favorite, since as all fighting games fans know, skill comes first.

With that said, you can check out a tier list featuring all characters currently featured in Dragon ball FighterZ below:

S+TierAndroid 21 [Lab Coat] / SSB Gogeta / Android 17 / Vegeta (Base) / Vegito (SSGSS) / Gogeta (SS4)
S-TierBeerus / Goku (Base) / Super Saiyan Goku / Broly [DBS] / Super Baby 2 / Goku (SSGSS) / Adult Gohan / Cell / Android 18 / Broly / Janemba / Goku (Ultra Instinct) / Vegeta (SSGSS) / Piccolo / Fused Zamasu / Jiren / Kefla
A-TierMaster Roshi / Tien / Krillin / Kid Buu / Nappa / GT Goku / Bardock / Android 21 / Videl / Teen Gohan / Majin Buu / Hit / Goku Black
B-TierCaptain Ginyu / Trunks / Android 16 / Super Saiyan Vegeta / Cooler / Gotenks
C-TierYamcha / Freeza

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S+Tier, Explained

The S+ tier class features characters capable of shifting the outcome of any match as well as of dominating any matchup if played right on their respective roles, like Android 21 [Lab Coat], which is the game’s best overall character, SSB Gogeta and Vegito (SSGSS). They are also characters capable of excelling without the need for specific teams, although using it will potentialize them even further.

S-Tier, Explained

On S, we put characters who are capable of excelling by themselves but who only truly excel when paired with certain teams or matchups. In the right hands or compositions, they are also able to directly challenge some S+ tier characters. The biggest example of the tier lies in Goku (Base), who is a top-tier Anchor thanks to his damage output and KaioKen mechanic, but also someone who needs a team capable of keeping targets open for damage for periods long enough for him to efficiently support/deal damage with his Super Spirit Bomb.

A-Tier, Explained

On A we have characters who can perform their roles extremely well in certain situations as well as excel in them when fully mastered, like Videl and Master Roshi. The class also features a selection of units, who, while still great, were surpassed by some of the game’s new additions as well as hindered thought nerfs, like Bardock and Goku GT.

B-Tier, Explained

Although good in their own right, B-Tier features characters are unable to excel unless put in ideal scenarios. The tier also features those whose unique mechanics, although handy, do not justify the pick in most scenarios. The sole exception to the rule is Ginyu, who can propel himself all the way to S-tier in some matchups through his Body Change mechanic.

C-Tier, Explained

C-Tier features those who are at a disadvantage in any matchup and are unable of shining in any role, be it Mid, Anchor, or Point. Currently, the only C-tiers in the game are Yamcha and Freeza. I’d bet you never thought you’ll see these two together, right?

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023