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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Transform to Super Saiyan

Stronger than before.

by Dean James


Dragon Ball Z first introduced transformations for the main characters fairly early in Dragon Ball Z with Kaioken, but nothing is more iconic than the legendary Super Saiyan form. You can’t have a Dragon Ball Z game focused on Goku without having this as a transformation that you can access. As the game follows the story of the series though, you won’t have access to this form right out of the gate. Instead, you will have to wait a little while and this guide will explain when you will gain access to it.

How To Transform to Super Saiyan

The legendary Super Saiyan is hinted at multiple times once you get to Namek, but it isn’t until near the end of the arc that you first get access to it. After your initial fight with Frieza’s final form as Goku, Frieza will appear defeated by Goku’s giant spirit bomb. However, he reveals himself to be unscathed and kills Krillin immediately.

This is the trigger that Goku needed to finally ascend to the level once though to be just a myth, a Super Saiyan. You will face Frieza twice here, with the Super Saiyan form being automatic. You can’t revert back out of it or anything, with the only time it goes away being when you actually use your Spirit Bomb attack in battle.

After finishing off Frieza on Namek, the new Androids arc begins on Earth with the return of Frieza, this time with his father King Cold. Before Goku can arrive though, the Mysterious Youth known as Trunks arrives and fights Frieza in Super Saiyan form.

After Mecha Frieza is defeated, Trunks instructs everyone to wait a few hours for Goku. Upon his arrival, you will gain control of him with the option to move forward and speak with Trunks. At this point, however, you now have gained access to the Super Saiyan transformation.

To access this transformation, enter a battle and hold down L2 + R2 on PS4. While holding them down, you can press Triangle to transform into Super Saiyan if you are not already at the start due to story reasons or you can press Triangle again to revert back from it. You can also transform immediately into other forms as well here if you would like.

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