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Dragon Quest Builders 2 How to Change Your Appearance

You'll need the dressing table to change appearance after the initial selections.

by William Schwartz


In Dragon Quest Builders 2 you can change your appearance in the game.   The way to do this is with the Dressing Table, which is a recipe that you’ll unlock in the Khrumbul-Dun story island.  Once you have the Dressing Table recipe you can use a workbench to craft a Dressing Table and put it anywhere you like.  Once you have one laid out either in your base on Khrumbul-Dun or on the Isle of Awakening you can then access the item to change your appearance.


Once you have built the Dressing Table and have placed it on the map you can then approach it and press the corresponding prompt to change your look.  Accessing the Dressing Table will allow you to change your appearance and gender in Dragon Quest Builders 2.  Once using the Dressing Table you’ll find a number of options like changing between a male or a female character.  There are also customization for your character’s appearance like hair color, hair style, skin color, and eye color.

You’ll also have access to any outfits, accessories, or weapons that you’ve unlocked or built during the game.

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