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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Distinguish Town Boundaries

Don't waste your time building outside of the town parameters.

by Dean James


Dragon Quest Builders 2 features a large world for you to not only explore, but also to build various structures. You can build pretty much most anything anywhere you please in the game. However, there are some restrictions related to your town itself in the game that may not seem so apparent on the surface. Some things can only be done within the boundaries of your town and this guide will explain the one way you can tell where those boundaries are exactly.

How To Distinguish Town Boundaries in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Your home base/towns are where most of the action is going to happen in Dragon Quest Builders 2 between your various missions you are completing. This hub is where people that join your party are going to live and complete the daily tasks they joined your town to do.

Early in the game, you may not really notice any issues with boundaries in the town due to there being plenty of open space for you to build upon within the area that is clearly part of it. Some problems may start to arise later though when you start to run out of room and begin expanding outward.

As we’ve talked about in plenty of other guides, the first step to growing crops is to establish a field by placing a scarecrow, which will prompt Wrigley to come and convert the area to soil. This is strictly limited to the town itself though, as a scarecrow being placed outside of the boundaries will result in absolutely nothing happening.

In addition, there are also some town related things that are strictly limited to within the boundaries as well. One of these is the designating of rooms as belonging to a specific member of the town by hanging a nameplate. If you hang one of these in a room right outside of the town, you will get a message when trying to write on it to designate a person that says you cannot do so outside of the town.

With these limitations of not being able to do certain things outside of the town, it’s important to know where exactly the boundaries are for each direction in the town, but there is no physical representation that shows this. Instead, the method of finding out is a little more subtle.

When you are within your town, there is a certain music theme that will play anytime you are somewhere in the town. As soon as you set foot one block beyond the town lines though, the music will instead change to the overworld music.

If you want a more physical representation than that, take a scarecrow and place it near the edge of town, but still within the boundaries. Wrigley will come and create a field, but will only convert to soil spots that are in the town, leading to a much smaller field than usual.

Make sure you keep an eye on where you are building in your town, because you would hate to spend a lot of time building a structure that needs to be in the town and only find out at the end that it is not.

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