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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Gain XP And Level Up Faster

Don't be afraid to venture out in the dark.

by Dean James


Dragon Quest Builders 2 is most certainly focused on the building element, but it is still at its heart an RPG with the Dragon Quest world that you know and love. This also means that there is a leveling system found in the game, though it may seem a little harder to gain XP than in a traditional Dragon Quest game. This guide will give you a few tips on how to gain XP faster to level up.

How to Gain XP Faster In Dragon Quest Builders 2

Grinding in general for levels is always an option in Dragon Quest Builders 2, though you might notice that enemies are not quite as prevalent on the overworld map as in a classic Dragon Quest game. That means you have to be a bit more unorthodox with your strategies than just chaining enemies in general.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 features a day and night cycle, with the game pushing you towards returning to your base at night with stronger monsters attacking elsewhere. However, this is actually something you want to take advantage of, as these monsters are the key to leveling up quicker.

Instead of taking on the weaker enemies available during the day, move away from your base in the dark at night and try to take on tougher enemies. This is obviously going to be easier said than done early in the game, but you just need to find some good strategies to take down the stronger enemies in each new area.

Once you figure out the specific enemies in each area that give more XP as well, try to stick to those enemies more often to level up even faster. This isn’t a surefire way, but it’s the best plan overall you have to level up as fast as possible in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

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