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Dragon Quest Builders 2 What Hearts Do

Earn the gratitude of your citizens and they'll shower you with hearts.

by William Schwartz


In Dragon Quest Builders 2 the hearts that you collect are gratitude from the people in your area.  Hearts will appear when citizens of an area are happy and are showing their appreciation.  Residents of the areas will drop gratitude points when doing things that help become more productive, whether that’s building them a new house, kitchen, bathroom, or any other thing that makes life easier or better for them.

How to get Hearts

These hearts will drop in different sizes and colors.  Bigger hearts are worth more gratitude points.  By simply completing tasks you will earn gratitude points, but you can go above and beyond to really please your residents.  This will result in them dropping more gratitude hearts.  Collecting them is pretty simple.  When you see one on the ground you simply walk over it and collect it.  When you walk over the item it will show you how much it is worth.

In the story missions, gratitude points allow you to increase your base level and ring the builder bell at each interval.  Simply collecting the points will build into this level until you reach the max base level of 4.

Hearts are also used outside of story missions as well.  If you want to use the ferry man’s boat to head off into unknown areas you will need to pay with hearts.  The hearts you earn in one area do not come with you when you go to other islands.

Use Hearts to Unlock Recipes


Playing Dragon Quest Builders 2 will unlock plenty of recipes that you can bring back to the Isle of Awakening to use.  However, there are also many items that need to be unlocked by using the gratitude points (hearts).  Anything that you see on the builder’s table that has a pink lock on it can be purchased with gratitude points.  The price depends on the item, but it will instantly be unlocked for you to use.

Use Hearts to Explore


You can also use hearts to travel to new islands by talking to Captain Brownbeard.  These Explorer’s Shores events are smaller island excursions that offer scavenger hunt missions that have you tracking down items.  The reward is that if you complete the hunt and check everything off the list you can get an unlimited supply of a specific item.

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