Drake Hollow – How to Open Boxes and Chests

Get the crafting material and items hidden inside

by Kyle Hanson

The opening hours of Drake Hollow inundate you with tons of info about the game’s world and mechanics. However, it sort of skips over some of the more basic questions players might have. As you set off to find treasure and resources to help rebuild this broken world, you’ll run into a few things that might be confusing. One of which is how to actually get those items out of their containers. Here’s how to open boxes and chests in Drake Hollow.

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How to Open Boxes and Chests

As with so many things in video games, the answer is to use violence. This isn’t The Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy with their openable boxes. No, instead you need to bust them open like a piñata using whatever melee weapon you have at your disposal. Just walk up to the box, chest, or other type of container and hit the attack button to swing away and it should crack open on the first try.

Simple enough, but you may not even notice that it’s a thing when first setting out in the game. Once you understand how to open boxes and chests in Drake Hollow you should be good for a while though. You’ll need to learn a lot as you go, but this is the foundation to the rest of the game.

- This article was updated on August 28th, 2020