Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – How to Learn New Abilities and Skills

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There is a lot of new abilities you can learn in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, further expanding the already diverse moveset of each character. Well, some may have more techniques and special abilities from others as they are more combo-heavy (ex. Drizzt) but this doesn’t change the fact that there is a lot you can unlock for each of the playable heroes. New abilities come in many forms. Active skills, passive abilities, combo extensions, all these are part of what you can unlock, in the long run. Let’s see below how to actually learn all these and more.

How to learn new abilities, skills, moves and more in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Most of your new abilities will be locked behind some kind of ‘resource’ wall. A lot of them require money to be unlocked, while your passive skills need Feat Points. Open your character menu and scroll to the right to the ‘Moves’ tab. From here, you can see a rather extensive skill tree with lots of different moves and abilities. There are two requirements to unlock any of these, one being a specific amount of gold for each node and the other being a level requirement. The initial skills can be unlocked right away, as long as you have the gold needed, while the more advanced techniques need you to be at a certain level, additional to their gold cost.

After you buy any of the available moves, they are unlocked right away and you can use them in battle. Most of the ones you get are either combo extenders, or individual moves you can use with the press of a certain button combination. Lastly, we have the actual new, active skills that can be equipped and replace the ones you were using up until that point. Simply go to the ‘Equip’ tab, go to ‘Abilities’ and choose the ones you want to use.

Also, through the ‘Feats’ tab, you can learn new passive skills by using Feat points. There points are obtained through leveling up, with each level providing one extra Feat point. The skills you can get vary from character to character, and it all depends on what stat or trait you want to raise. If for example you want to increase Drizzt’s physical damage, simply learn the respective Feat and you are done. They are automatically equipped, so no further action is needed for those, which concludes everything you nee to know about learning new abilities and moves.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. For more related content about the game, make sure to check the rest of our guides right here.


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