Dying Light 2: Should You Help Aitor Find Lucas’ Killer?

Should you work with the Peacekeepers?

by Diego Perez


Dying Light 2 is a game filled with many decisions, and choosing to help Aitor find Commander Lucas’ killer is one of the first times you’re forced to choose between the two major factions. This is the first point in the game where you’re dealing with the Peacekeepers directly, at least their higher-ups, so this decision will set the stage for your relationship with them going forward. It seems like a huge deal as it’s a potential route into the Central Loop, which is where Aiden needs to go for the main story, so most players will want to weigh their options here. Here’s what happens for both choices.

Should You Help Aitor in Dying Light 2?

This may seem like a gigantic decision that could have lasting consequences, but both options are functionally identical. Dying Light 2‘s main story will force you to find Lucas’ killer regardless of what you choose here. Your decision will only affect whether you have Aitor’s help or not, and even then, it’s just in a minor role.

If you choose “I can try,” then you will work directly with Aitor to investigate Lucas’ murder. If you tell him “I have my own affairs,” he’ll be a little upset but he’ll let you go. When you regroup with Hakon outside, however, he’ll tell you that you probably should have just accepted the offer and that you two will work on your own to find Lucas’ killer so you can get passage into the other part of the city.


Even though it may seem major, this decision will not lock you into any serious alliances or relationships one way or the other. You still have plenty of upcoming opportunities to learn about the Peacekeepers and the Survivors before you’re forced to choose between them. You’ll know when choices will have lasting consequences when the game gives you a timer and a binary choice. Those are the ones that will alter the path of the story.

However, if you are planning on allying with the Peacekeepers later on, it doesn’t hurt to tell Aitor that you’ll help him. Even though you’ll be dealing with people that are higher up the Peacekeeper chain of command once you get passage into the Central Loop, having a good relationship with Aitor could help out a little bit. Again, it won’t affect anything major, so don’t worry about it too much.

Dying Light 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. A Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released later this year.

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