Dying Light Update 1.49 Patch Notes

The final Dying Light update has arrived.

by Diego Perez


Update 1.49 has arrived for Dying Light, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. Although it was released many years ago and its sequel is on store shelves, the original Dying Light has continued to receive regular updates from developer Techland that add new content and events. Sadly, this is the game’s final update, but there’s a lot to look forward to. All players will be upgraded to the Enhanced Edition of the game for free! Also, the PVP Be the Zombie mode has received some balance changes, and the Nintendo Switch version of the game has some improvements as well. Here’s everything new with Dying Light update 1.49.

Dying Light Update 1.49 Patch Notes



  • [Lobby] The Story Mode (Blue) portal is now closer to the center of the Lobby (opposite of Raid Mode (Red) portal)
  • [Armory] The entirely reworked Armory now includes all Hellraid Weapons and Items
  • [Armory] Added Inspect Weapon on item showcases, which displays the weapon’s story of origin
  • [Tower] New environmental hazards can be found on all floors of the Tower (Spikes, Explosive Barrels)
  • [Tower] Added visual indication that Shrine requires sacrifice to unlock (killing all enemies in the area)

Parameter Reworking / Balancing / Difficulty Tweaks

  • Damage factor multipliers for Hellraid enemies reworked for all difficulties
  • [Easy] Enemy Damage factor multiplier decreased by ~15-20%
  • [Normal] Player Damage factor multiplier increased by ~30%
  • [Normal] Enemy Damage factor multiplier decreased by ~30%
  • [Hard] Player Damage factor multiplier removed
  • [Hard] Enemy Damage factor multiplier decreased by ~50%
  • [Nightmare] Player Damage factor multiplier removed
  • [Nightmare] Enemy Damage factor multiplier decreased by ~50%
  • Reduced number of Recruits spawned in Combat Arenas on the first and second floors of the Tower
  • Tweaked dynamic spawning of stronger enemies in Hellraid Ranks 5-10


  • Reduced prices of Hellraid weapons in the Hellraid shop by 50%
  • Added Weapon Remnants at 7.5% cost of the original weapon’s price

Weapons, Rewards, Items

  1. [Hellraid Shop in Slums Tower]
  2. Hellraid Shop will now include Wands (Fire Wand, Dark Wand) and Shock Bearer (Shield) for purchase
  3. Hellraid Shop will now include Weapon Remnants (Craft Item) required to craft Hellraid Weapons
  4. Hellraid Shop will now include Deathbringer Blueprint for purchase [if player completes Loaded for the Undead (Bounty) (available at Hellraid Rank 10)]
  5. [Blueprints]
  6. Thirteen (13) new unlockable blueprints available through Trials (Bounties Table) in Hellraid
  7. [Consumables]
  8. Five (5) new consumable items (Tower Crystals) available on Raid Mode Tower with various buffs
  9. Red Crystal — Buff: Double Damage; Debuff: Low Stamina Regen
  10. Blue Crystal — Buff: Fast Movement; Debuff: Half Damage
  11. Green Crystal — Buff: High Health Regen; Debuff: Low Stamina Regen
  12. Yellow Crystal — Buff: 100% Crit, Stamina Usage Reduction; Debuff: -15% Movement
  13. White Crystal — Buff: Double Damage; Damage Reduction, Stamina Usage Reduction; Debuff: 0% Health Regen
  14. New Consumable Item Animations for Crystals
  15. New Icons for Crystal Items and Crystal Buffs

Tutorial Screens

  • New Tutorial Screen for Story Mode
  • New Tutorial Screen for Raid Mode
  • New Tutorial Screen on first interaction with Shrines
  • New Tutorial Screen for Crystals
  • Updated Tutorial Screens for the Armory

Bugfixing & Miscellaneous

  • Fixed multiple Z-fightning issues on the map
  • Fixed objects clipping issues, lightning artefacts, floating objects etc.
  • Fixed Lord Asmorod’s audio and animation cutting off too soon
  • Fixed rare blockers in Story and Raid Mode
  • Fixed instances where players could parkour around blocked areas in the Mysterious Portals quest
  • Fixed minor issues with the minimap
  • Fixed cases where some enemies were missing in Raid Mode
  • Players now need to pick up Bow Arrows from the ground (no longer having the ability to perform an automatic pick up)
  • Other minor bug fixes for Single Player and Co-Op

New Event Content

  • New ULTIMATE EPIC WEAPON from Tolga and Fatin
  • New Easter Egg Weapon with unique weapon type
  • New weapon meshes and sounds
  • New Graffiti

New DLC Content

  • New type of weapon: Chainsaw
  • New feature: Perk for Buggy with 50% slower fuel loss
  • New weapon meshes, animations and sounds
  • New outfit

DLC Maps

  • [General] Quest will now deselect after leaving Bozak Horde / Hellraid (players will not respawn in these modes after relaunch)
  • [Bozak Horde] Implemented Inventory Management system
  • Now all weapons stored in the Stash when players enter the Bozak Horde will be returned to Player Inventory


  • [The Pit] Rebalanced fight with Demolisher in the Pit
  • [The Pit] Improved stats for the Machete found in the Pit

Bugfixing & Miscellaneous

  • [Menu] Removed “What’s New” Section
  • [Balancing] Reduced Snowstorm’s Ammo craft requirements
  • Added new dockets
  • Minor bug fixes for Single Player and Co-Op

Be the Zombie Patch Notes


  • Knives (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 30 ⇒ 25
  • Bleeding element (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 2000 ⇒ 400
  • Throwing knives (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 200 ⇒ 9
  • Tackle (Hunter):
    • Base tackle knockback (horizontal): 12m ⇒ 17m
    • Base tackle knockback (vertical): 6m ⇒ 6.5m
  • UV-Block
    • Duration: 2.1s ⇒ 2.5s
  • Ground Pound (Hunter)
    • Cooldown: 1.5s ⇒ 1s
    • UV-Flashlight safety time: 1s ⇒ 0.8s
  • Ground Pound (Human)
    • Height requirement to perform: 1.5m ⇒ 1.1m
  • Claw
    • Knockback: 5 ⇒ 9
  • C4
    • Lifetime: 25s ⇒ 50s
  • Flashlight
    • Energy consume on start: 0.2 ⇒ 0.15


  • Arrows (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 18 ⇒ 32
  • Bolts (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 18 ⇒ 32
  • Tackle (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 13 ⇒ 18
  • Mines (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 5.5 ⇒ 200
  • Kick (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 20 ⇒ 30
  • Dropkick (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 7 ⇒ 14
  • Fists (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 20 ⇒ 33
  • One-handed (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 18 ⇒ 24
  • Heavy one-handed (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 10 ⇒ 13
  • Heavy weapons (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 10 ⇒ 13
    • Charged hits to kill: 5 ⇒ 10
  • Buggy (nests)
    • Hits to kill: 2 ⇒ 2.5
    • [FIX] Now properly scales damage based on gamemode (2v1+)
  • Knockdown
    • Knockdown invulnerability grace time between another: 1.5s ⇒ 0.6s
      (After recovering from a knockdown, you are invulnerable to it before being able to get knocked down again)
  • Charged slice
    • Additional range when charge slicing: 0.3m ⇒ 0.15m
  • Pounce Shockwave
    • Shockwave (pounce/tackle) knockback radius: 5m ⇒ 4.5m
  • Spits
    • Spit explosion delay: 1s ⇒ 1.1s
  • Zaid’s flares
    • Duration: 25s ⇒ 20s


  • Fire-explosive nest interaction [FIX]
  •  No longer starts instantly depleting the brood’s health
  • Poison element (nests) [FIX]
  •  Now properly scales damage based on gamemode (2v1+)
  • Freezing element (nests) [FIX]
  •  Now properly scales damage based on gamemode (2v1+)
  • Fire element (nests) [FIX]
  •  Now properly scales damage based on gamemode (2v1+)
  • Electric element (nests) [FIX]
  •  Now properly scales damage based on gamemode (2v1+)
  • Impact element (nests) [FIX]
  •  Now properly scales damage based on gamemode (2v1+)
  • Bleeding element (nests) [FIX]
  •  Now properly scales damage based on gamemode (2v1+)
  • Hunter climbing [REMOVED]
  •  Hunter can no longer climb on ledges, but can still climb on outer buildings
  • Toxic Spit
    • [FIX] Undetect Spots: no longer has open spots to avoid damage
    • Damage: 30% DPS ⇒ 24% DPS (damage per second)
    • Range: 6m ⇒ 4.5m


  • Boosters
    • Every booster acts as a Night Hunter booster now in BtZ (excluding singular effect boosters): normalizing every booster(s).
  • The following properties below are the only buffs that will apply once you are inside a BTZ match.
  • Night Hunter Booster properties:
    • 0.5 seconds faster health regeneration delay recovery
    • +10% movement speed (old: 20%)
    • +10% more damage
    • +35% damage reduction (old: 50%)
    • 105 second duration
  • Speed booster properties:
    • +15% movement speed
    • 120 second duration
  • Resistance booster properties:
    • +50% damage reduction
    • 120 second duration
  • Night Vision Booster properties:
    • +10% more damage
    • Night vision filter stays
    • 120 second duration
  • Stamina Booster properties:
    • +35% health restored upon drinking
    • +1 second faster health regeneration delay recovery
    • +1 second faster health regeneration
    • +2 seconds faster Grappling Hook energy recovery
    • +0.2 seconds faster Tackle cooldown
    • +10 seconds increased Camouflage duration
    • 120 second duration
  • Event Booster properties (halloween potion, etc.):
    • Cosmetic effects potions are kept in BtZ with no additional changes
    • Event items that give an actual effect to the human that buff the human, have their buffs removed and replaced with buffs from Night Hunter booster and their duration is set to 95 seconds
    • Christmas items inherit buffs from singular boosters
    • Eggnog inherits all buffs from Night Hunter booster with additional saturation effect applied

Survivor-Sense spit (rework)

  • Name: Survivor-Sense spit ⇒ Concussive Spit
  • Description: After a short delay, knocks down any enemy caught up in the radius, stunning them for a brief period.
  • Survivors can free themselves from a Pounce if they were to be Pounced while under the effects of this spit. Concussive
  • Spit also interacts with environmental objects, blowing up the structure.
  • Spitsmashing with Concussive spit will disable enemy Survivor-Sense, blocking the enemy from tracking you on the minimap.

Banlist [NEW]

  •  Banlist: these items will not be usable when a Be The Zombie match is activated. The following banned items from BTZ are:
    • All easter egg items
    • All Shields
    • Last Wish
    • Inmate Rifle
    • Your First Wrench
    • Deadeye Crossbow/Bow


  • Blast damage [REMOVED]
    • Additional blast damage: humans no longer take extra additional damage when taking damage from an explosion

Dying Light is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game also received a free upgrade on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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