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EA Sports UFC 3 Guide: How to Stop a Takedown

by William Schwartz


Just like in real MMA there are some fighters in UFC 3 that you simply do not want taking you to the ground. There are good grapplers in every division, and allowing them to take you to the ground can end up in quick submissions or excessive damage. The best way to defend against these grapplers and their takedowns is to stay on your feet by denying the takedown in the firstplace.

To stop a takedown in UFC 3 you’ll need two things. First you’ll need to time the take down near perfectly. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to keep your guard up in UFC 3 by holding the RT/R2 button when you’re in the stand up game. Not only will it allow you to block any punches or kicks thrown at your face by default, but you can also use this button to stop a takedown by pressing down on the right thumbstick if your opponent shoots at you for either the clinch or takedown move.

If timed right, your fighter will slip away from the takedown and you’ll remain in stand up combat. If unsuccesful, you’ll be in a grappling situation or in a clinch.

Getting the timing right can be done in a couple of ways. Visually you can look at your opponent’s character model and if you’ve got proper spacing you’ll be able to see them lunging at you. You can then press the RT/R2 and down on the right thumbstick at that time. If you are holding down the RT/R2 button you’ll see a prompt as they shoot towards to you and a flick of the thumbstick at the appropriate time will stop the takedown.

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