Elden Ring – How to Remove Poison

Crafting or having this item on hand can cure your poison affliction.

by William Schwartz


Elden Ring is a game full of different afflictions that can kill you if you’re not careful.  Poison for example, if you’re exposed long enough to this affliction will gradually kill your character by slowly eating away at your health if you become poisoned.  Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to remove poison, but you’re going to need certain items.  In this guide we’ll cover how to remove poison in Elden Ring.

How to Remove Poison in Elden Ring

The main item you’re going to need to have is plenty of Neutralizing Boluses when fighting poisonous enemies.  If you’re fighting poison spewing enemies, you’ll see a meter in the enter of the screen that will up green.  Once the meter gets full you will see a message that you’ve been poisoned.  Once you’re poisoned you will continue to lose health little by little unless you either heal yourself, at which point you will continue to lose health until the poison meter has run its course.

However, if you take a Neutralizing Boluses item you will alleviate the poison status.  So how do you get these items?  There’s a couple of ways that you can get it.  You can find them out in the world as treasure, you can purchase this item from a vendor, or you can craft the item yourself.

How to Craft the Neutralizing Boluses

Head into the Item Crafting menu and it’s one of the first items you should see.  Here are the ingredients to craft the Neutralizing Boluses:

  • Herba – Can be Found in Thickets
  • Cave Moss – Gives off a pale light in Dark Caves
  • Great Dragonfly Head – Found by killing large Dragonflies

Your ability to craft items is directly tied to owning the “Crafting Kit” which can be purchased from the merchant Kale at the Church of Ellah.  After you have the Crafting Kit, you should be collecting the many different types of cookbooks that the game has to offer.  Some of the first ones you can get are by visiting the Church of Ellah and talking to Kale again for the Armorer’s Cookbook. 

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