Elden Ring Smithing Stones & Locations – Get More Stones to Level Up Weapons

Check out these places for weapon upgrade stones.

by William Schwartz


It’s beneficial to get more powerful weapons in the early goings of Elden Ring and this can be done relatively quickly if you know where to look.  In this guide we’ll go over both some early game areas where you can get Smithing Stones as well as some key areas that you need to visit if you want to collect higher level smithing stones as you progress further into the game.

Once you unlock the smithing station at the Church of Elleh, you’ll be able to craft upgrades to your weapons, but this is only done by collecting these stones.  The more you level your weapons the higher level smithing stones you’ll need.  These stones can be found in a variety of places.  Some are random drops from enemies, while others are places like mining outposts that have actual collectibles in the environment that allow you to pick these items up in bulk.

Make sure to check out these places if you want to get all the Smithing Stones that you need in Elden Ring

Limgrave Tunnels


Accessible from the very start, Limgrave Tunnels is going to be your first stop to start leveling up your weapon.  This cave has an abundance of stones, just make sure to collect the glowing yellow items protruding from the walls and ground.

Smithing Stone Statue


This area isn’t located on the map with a point of interest, but there are three ogres patrolling this grassy patch with a statue in the middle.  If you can lure an ogre over to the statue and have them attack it you’ll find there’s a free cache of smithing stones inside.  This can be done with no combat if you’re quick.

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel


North of the Church of Vows, this mining outpost has a variety of different stones and materials.  In this mining outpost you’ll start to find level 3 smithing stones to use.

Ravine-Veiled Village


In North Liurnia as you begin progressing further into the game and have done some exploring you will find this mining outpost above the Site of Grace point.  Take the ladders upwards and you’ll find that there are many stones to be had by simply defeating the enemies and collecting the mineral deposits.  As to be expected, these later mines are filled with enemies that are tougher than those found at the beginning of the game.

Altus Tunnel


The Altus Tunnel is yet another mine where you can find a bevy of smithing stones.  The Altus Tunnel is located in the Atlus Plateau.  To get here you’ll head north west on the map starting from Limgrave.  You’ll be facing more difficult enemies still, and you likely won’t need to go here until after you’ve defeated Rennala.

Gael Tunnel


Another mining operation similar to the others, this Smithing Stone farm opportunity is located in the Gael Tunnel in Caelid.  Smithing Stone 4 can be found in this mining outpost.

Crumbling Farum Azula


The Crumbling Farum is a late-game area that will provide ample opportunity to farm both smithing stones and runes.

Other ways to get Smithing Stones

  • Vendors and NPC characters
  • Return Bells to the Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold – Somber & Smithing Stones
  • Blacksmith near the Road to the Manor Site of Grace, South of Caria Manor – Somber Stones

Somber Smithing Stones

Somber Smithing Stones are required to level up special weapons in Elden Ring.  Like normal Smithing Stones, these Somber Smithing Stones come in various rarities and you’ll need bigger stones the higher that you want to level your special weapon.

Smithing Stones aren’t rare, but you don’t have many to waste either.  So long as you are actively exploring you should find a fair amount of these items.  Look for dead bodies across the world to pillage as you’ll find plenty in that way as well.  Of course, there’s also the option of these stones dropping from random fights as well.

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