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Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Purchase and Pre-Order Guide – Which Edition is For You

There are four versions to choose from, and all get preorder goodies.

by Brandon Adams


The Elder Scrolls Online will add the Blackwood Chapter this June, which will take players to the titular border region between Cyrodiil and the Argonian homeland to stop Mehrunes Dagon and the forces of Oblivion once more from conquering Tamriel (though technically for the first time). You can read more about the upcoming Chapter in our article here, but the basics are much the same as the older ones. Like previous Chapters, Blackwood can be purchases as a standalone experience, but it also comes in a bundle including the last four Chapters. There are quite a few options for potential buyers, so let’s break them all down.

The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Purchase Guide – Which Edition Should You Buy?

Blackwood has four different editions up for sale (excluding the physical Collector’s Edition), and they can be separated into two categories: two for new players, and two for returning fans. There is a standard edition of Blackwood and a Collector’s Edition of each. So, what’s the deal with each edition of Blackwood?


If you are new to The Elder Scrolls Online you’ll want to pick up one of the two Blackwood Collection editions. The name is a bit confusing, since there are also Collector’s Editions, so let’s go over what is in both the The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Blackwood, and The Elder Scroll Online Collection: Blackwood Collector’s Edition.

The standard Collection will sell for $60, and it will include the Base Game and all the previous The Elder Scrolls Online Chapters (Morrowind, Summerset, Elsweyr, and Greymoor). The Elder Scroll Online Collection: Blackwood Collector’s Edition is $70, and contains all of that with the digital CE items:

  • Battlefield Nightmare Senche Mount
  • Jewel-Feathered Sep Adder Pet
  • Temperamental Grimoire Memento
  • Deadlands Gladiator Outfit Style
  • Offer Weapon Emote
  • All pre-purchase bonus content included in the Collection

Pre-ordering will also grant immediate access to the Nagahide Welwa Ravager Mount and Nightmare Bear Cub Pet (though the cub is only available for a limited time).


If you are a returning player you will likely want to purchase the $40 Blackwood Upgrade, or the $50 Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Upgrade Collector’s Edition. The only difference between these Upgrade editions of Blackwood and the Collections is the omission of the Base Game and previous Chapters (so you’ll need to already own the Base Game before buying these). All the same CE items from the Collections CE are included with the Upgrade CE.

If you are a returning player, but lack one or more of the older Chapters, it’s actually better for you to buy one of the Blackwood Collection editions. Chapters on their own sell for usually $15 at their cheapest, so the $20 increase in price over the Upgrade Edition is a steal of a deal if you don’t own any of the previous chapters.

Blackwood Pre-Order Bonuses

Anyone who pre-orders or pre-purchases The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood will unlock the same exact items, regardless of which Edition they buy. These items are:

  • Dremora Kynreeve Outfit
  • Deadlands Wamasu Pet
  • 1× Iron Atronach Crate
  • 3× Blackwood Treasure Maps
  • 2× Experience Scrolls

Players can preorder or purchase any of the editions of The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, or their local vendor. You can visit the link here to find the proper retailer for your specific region. The next ESO Chapter arrives June 1st, 2021.

- This article was updated on:January 26th, 2021

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