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Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 3 Patch Notes

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Odyssey update 3 has arrived for Elite Dangerous, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Developer Frontier Developments plc has now released a new patch for its big game called Elite Dangerous. It should be rolling out today.

Odyssey Update 3 has been released on June 10th, 2021. Much like last week’s update, this new patch is released to fix many areas of the game.

A lot of the patch is to prevent the game from crashing, while other have UI improvements. It does not appear as if this update comes with a lot of new content for you to explore. Anyway, you can read the full patch notes posted down below.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 3 Patch Notes


  • A fix has been implemented to address a crash related to occlusion culling.
  • A fix has been implemented to address a crash relating to Settlement data.
  • A fix has been implemented to address crashes encountered during fleet carrier jumps.
  • MapUI – A fix has been implemented to address a random crash when exiting the system map.
  • A fix has been implemented to address a crash with the kinematics system.
  • A fix has been implemented to address a crash during Multi Crew caused by vessel handling.
  • A fix has been implemented to address the turbolift becoming unusable if a player is dropped from the session while using it.
  • A fix has been implemented to address a crash if the current vessel is “docked” but not allocated a landing pad (i.e. its being swapped to or from).
  • A fix has been implemented to address issues where the player can become desycned with their server inventory when donating fuel.
  • A fix has been implemented to address a crash if a control bindings preset file is empty.


  • Interior shadow optimisations have been implemented.
  • A fix has been implemented to address an issue whereby cockpit environment maps sometimes stalled updates when using the Camera Suite.
  • Terrain optimisations have been made.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby the bounding sphere used for culling was not central to the object.


  • Fixed mod slot data not being set for fully upgraded suits in Loadouts.
  • Split off ‘Create Loadout screen’ from ‘Edit Loadout screen’
  • The new loadout flow now starts without a suit selected, requiring the player to select the “add suit” button. Now presented in the same way as the weapon slots.
  • When a suit or weapon is selected in loadout creation, there are now options to equip or customise.
  • Added silhouette to ‘Create Loadout’ screen, displayed until a suit is selected.
  • “Use loadout” is now focused by default in the Edit Loadout screen
  • Added toast notification when loadout is equipped
  • Various text changes have been made.
  • In the loadout browser, the equipped loadout is now always shown as the first item, and focused on after being equipped.
  • The loadout title has been made multiline to prevent name clipping in Role Panel.
  • Suit/Weapon browser: Added “percentage change” as a type of stat display, and converted to enum (with existing “value” and “bar” types)
  • Suit/Weapon browser: Improved and fixed the way stats are displayed and how stat comparison is calculated before being passed to the UI
  • Suit/Weapon browser: cleaned up deprecated stats that are no longer displayed
  • Suit/Weapon browser: Fixed the weapon reload stat to use the correct weapon data value
  • Suit/Weapon browser: Changed damage multiplier stats to damage resistances, which are percentages to match the suit stats
  • Suit/Weapon browser: Renamed “reload time” stat to “reload speed” to match value
  • Suit/Weapon browser: Fixed some layout issues with the stat item renderer
  • Sampling tool results text on the humanoid HUD has been enabled to be split across multiple lines
  • Fixed FSS UI jitters when in fullscreen mode
  • TransactionPanel – Fixed visual error when going from an empty category to one with items
  • TransactionPanel – Fixed the community goals icon not showing.
  • NavigationPanel – The navigation panel will now add the next route destination to the list of destinations, allowing you to untarget that destination, enter Supercruise, and target it again.
  • Fixed alignment issues in on-foot Navigation Panel layout.
  • MapUI – In Carrier mode, an issue has been fixed whereby the cancel jump button did not work
  • MapUI – Fixed an issue which set the stored ships counter to 0 in the system map
  • MapUI – The Mission Threat icon will now only display when the surface mission threat is 7 or higher
  • MapUI – Opening the galaxy map from the commodities market should now show the correct item selected in the material list (previously this showed the correct information but showed the wrong item)
  • MapUI – Fixed centering and opacity of icons
  • MissionUI – Fixed a visual bug in the transaction panel details. The mission threat icon will only display when the mission has a threat level of 7 or higher
  • MissionUI – Illegal Mission text has been moved in various panels and a new label has been created to contain the mission type.
  • The font size has been adjusted in the rewards item boxes, on mission completion in the mission board.
  • Missing mission hub popup button backgrounds have now been added
  • Fixed a focus/select issue in the mission hub popup
  • Fixed a focusing issue with the bartender selling panel
  • Fixed issues with Tech Brokers whereby requirements were showing when they shouldnt have been. The layout has been made more dynamic to account for this.
  • Added pledge indicator to station services hud
  • Unlocked focus manager when hiding social panel popup in cockpit chat panel
  • Fixed icons in buttons of social panel popup
  • Fixed an issue in the starport menu where the wrong jurisdiction logo would appear (homepage + welcome animation)
  • Fixed missing audio cues for installing carrier services
  • Added starport menu banner UI streams for Default & Engineer
  • Made the ‘transfer all’ buttons wider in transfer UI for on foot Commanders
  • Added modifications tab to the shop / stored modules browser in the outfitting UI, in the same style as the ship loadout slots display.
  • A UI element will only be displayed when you have engineered modules stored at the current location/station
  • An icon will now appear next to module name when modified.
  • Fixed the modifications tab not appearing when selecting a slot for a modified modules, when the currently installed items in the group are not modified.
  • Fixed an issue with the settlement terminal mission board returning to the social space terminal UI
  • Added notifications when a shuttle/dropship is about to leave without the player
  • Disabled direct access to the comms panel in the tutorial
  • Removed a step in the weapon customisation UI flow for selecting weapon paintjobs category
  • Fixed an issue whereby the passenger lounge icon on the mission board remained highlighted blue after handing in completed missions
  • Added mission rewards to the transaction panel
  • Fixed the preset text on the controls menu screen on the pause menu
  • Added a ‘resupply’ button to the Boarding UI that restocks consumables and weapon ammo
  • NPCs highlighted on the staff list in settlement terminals should no longer show up on the radar
  • When comparing suit stats, mods are now taken into account


  • AI no longer become hostile to players targeted by settlement defences, if the settlement defences are not hostile towards the thing they are targeting.
  • Fixes to AI ships docking and launching have been implemented, so that AI ships should no longer get stuck waiting to dock or launch, including player taxis.


  • When at a social space, your suit voice will now mention when your shuttle is about to depart or depart without you
  • During transitions between vessels (foot, SRV, ship), the audio perspective orientation will no longer shift randomly, so in turn will sound smoother.
  • Issues with doors and airlocks sometimes sounding too quiet or muffled will now be fixed.
  • A fix has been implemented for broken power pip sounds on non-helm crew-mate after a supercruise journey.
  • Audio optimisations on weapons have been made.
  • Sounds have been implemented for when sliding down steep inclines.
  • Missing sounds in shipyard, when accessed from a social space, have now been added.
  • Fixedissues around system map sounds when using apex and frontline solution maps.
  • The landing pad barrier raising now has a sound. This occurs after a shuttle drops you off at a social space.
  • Fixed ship malfunction audio returning the wrong result in multicrew vessels after system jumps.
  • Fixed issues with audio code so that existing voice lines and notifications appear at the same time.
  • Fixed a voice line playing incorrectly for dropships and erroneously when the player had already reached the hangar.


  • Updates made to some engineer’s faces.


  • Reload and Switch Tool Mode bindings can now be custom bound to the same button.
  • Changed ‘and’ in keyboard and mouse control scheme names to now use ‘&’ so that ‘Control Pad Yaw with Keyboard & Mouse’ can fit in the drop down list.


  • SRV paintjobs have been rebalanced for the new lighting and PBR system.
  • Fixed incorrect previews being shown in holo-me.
  • Fixed an issue where saving or creating a new avatar could result in it getting the emergency background and thus have very red lighting occur.
  • The Helmet is now always on for the Loadouts.


  • An issue has been fixed whereby players could prematurely reactivate the reactor shutdown process before it had fully powered back up, which would then prevent it from powering down.
  • Fires have been updated so that AI will no longer accidentally walk into them during gun fights.
  • A number of fixes have been implemented to address some building/room lights not turning off when a reactor is shut down.
  • A fix has been implemented for an issue where airlocks would become stuck closed after the alarms had been decativated (also resulting in AI getting stuck).
  • A fix has been implemented for an issue whereby at POIs, AI sometimes spawned under the ground.
  • A number of fixes have been implemented to address exterior terminals not powering down at offline settlements.
  • A fix has been implemented to address an issue where the arc cutter would get stuck in the corners of panels during a cut
  • Fixed an issue with player’s getting docking crimes at an offline settlement.
  • Stopped the powerlink from being able to charge when not remaining directed at the recharge port.

Lighting & VFX

  • Improvements to spotlights on damaged station doors have been implemented.
  • a fix for the De-pressurisation VFX has been made – it should now trigger correctly on de-pressurising a building or room
  • Visual improvements to station exteriors have been made.
  • Visual improvements and fixes to spotlights and lensflares in planet port hangars have been made.
  • Visual improvements to under repair and damaged hangars floodlights have been made.
  • Visual improvements to Fleet Carrier floodlights and lensflares have been made.
  • Visual improvements to Capital Ship lighting have been made.


  • Salvage missions (and others with required micro resources) will no longer include non-mission micro resources in their count of the mission related micro-resources.


  • Filled in the gap in the underside of a wreckage in the Thargoid Crash Site POI.
  • Fixed POIs spawning all over the galaxy.


  • A fix has been implemented whereby lensflares were sometimes being captured in the avatar portrait captures.
  • Fixes for artefacts seen on the Wanderer Outfit have been implemented.
  • All bobbleheads have been updated to the PBR pipeline.
  • Hair will no longer change colour at different distances.


  • Improvements to matchmaking when in wings have been made.
  • Fixed error occurring when deleting flight suit loadout.
  • Fixed black adder transaction error when donating fuel to fleet carriers.
  • Redistributed weapon and suit vendor allocations.
  • Fixed some unlocalised text in the known engineer UI.
  • An issue has been fixed with the referral request for Hero Ferrari incorrectly stating 5 settlement defence plans are required, rather than 15.
  • Fixed some combat bonds for destroying Thargoids being lower on Odyssey than Horizons.
  • Multiple fleet carrier jump optimisations and stability improvements have been made.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby dying in SRV caused players to enter the ship rebuy flow when they relog.
  • Fixed an issue whereby non carrier modules could be equipped onto a fleet carrier.
  • A fix has been implemented whereby some Commander and NPC crew and skill rank progress notifications were not triggering correctly.
  • Some server optimisation and stability improvements have been made.

Settlements (new for Odyssey)

  • Corrected an upside-down decorative screen attached to a shelving unit.
  • Corrected an interior pillar which was disappearing at a short distance
  • Corrected bunk bed details disappearing at a short distance
  • Updated the grille behind the fan in the Industrial/Power building exterior to fix a LOD issue
  • Fixed floating explosive canisters
  • Fixed some bad start positions for settlement AI
  • Improved patrols in Large research building
  • Corrected misaligned window shutters in the Medium-sized Extraction building
  • Fixed z-fighting seen on the stairs in a Power building
  • Added missing room geometry portal to the roof of smaller buildings
  • Corrected various areas with missing or incorrectly aligned portals
  • Updated mining drill room geometry to cover the entire room
  • Correcte a gap in the room geometry in the industrial loading bay
  • Cleaned up duplicated portals in engineer base, adding a missing portal to a window
  • Made certain curved window portals match the bounds of the window
  • Edited culling on turbo lifts.
  • Terrain texture quality is only reduced when not in a room adjacent to the outside. This stops the aggressive texture pop-in when walking out of airlocks.
  • Added room geometry to all spawn cupboards to stop them being culled incorrectly.
  • Fixed a culling issue around research building exterior.

Settlements (legacy)

  • Corrected the offset pipes outside Ram Tah’s Engineer Base
  • Corrected the wall blocking the hangar bay doors at Pads 6 and 7 of Selene Jean’s Engineer Base
  • Removed errant pipe in Large hangars

Social Spaces

  • Added some extra details to the Frontline signage surround, seen behind desks and in the turbolift lobby
  • Fixed emissive light lodding out on lift surround and added occlusion geometry to lift doors and surround
  • Fixed a spot where the player could get stuck down the back of the furniture


  • Arx will now be awarded for Odyssey gameplay, including –
    • First footfall
    • Organic sample
    • Organic analysis
    • Suit/Weapon buy/sell/upgrade
    • Suit/Weapon modify
    • Selling goods/assets/data
    • Combat zones on foot – winning and capturing point
    • Shuttle travel

Known Issues

  • The scope of the manticore oppressor is currently obscured.
  • When entering the CMDR panel via the access UI, the player will be unable to back out, causing a soft-lock

If you want to know more about this update, you can visit the game’s official website forums. Elite Dangerous is out now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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