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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 6 Patch Notes

A big update

by Damian Seeto


Update 6 has arrived for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Developer Frontier Developments plc will now be releasing a new patch for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. This will be update number 6 and it should be out for the PC version of the game shortly.

Downtime maintenance will be done for the game while the patch is being installed. Downtime will only last for around 15 minutes and will start at 13:45 UTC / 14:45 BST today on July 29th.

One of the highlights of today’s patch is visual improvements. The developer has improved the look of many planets adding better color and textures when needed.

Improvements to the AI have also been made, plus many bug fixes have been implemented too. You can read the highlights of today’s patch posted down below.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 6 Patch Notes

Updates Of Note

  • Planets! Visual improvements to planet surfaces, colour and texture have been implemented.
  • Outfitting option added to purchase module and immediately store, instead of installing on ship (if you watched this week’s Supercruise News, this is the one Bruce wanted to shout about, but we needed a double check on status).
  • Camera Suite rework – Rather than allowing movement thorugh geometry and fading out the camera when occluded (“the blackout”), the camera now tests for collisions and prevents movement into collidable geometry (more info and discussion on these update 6 improvements can be found here).
  • AMD Super-resolution has now been integrated.
  • You should now experience an increase in game performance, as rendering is enabled at a lower resolution and then upscaled, rather than rendering at a constant full resolution.
  • There’s also the additional bonus of this integration making the game look even more beautiful.
  • Can be used to upscale the resolution when supersampling is set to less than 1x output resolution.
  • Enforcer Troops armed with rockets have been added into the game (they use the KA-L6).
  • A fix has been implemented for previously invisible scatter rocks and organics.
  • Ship ammo and heatsink stock will no longer replenish automatically when entering supercruise (sorry).
  • Science contact – Fixed material donations for the science contact (CG contribution), whereby the donation event would be fired as soon an input was received, resulting in the impression that donations were only possible one material at a time.
  • (Try not to cheer too loudly, you might wake someone) Elite Dangerous should now exit “cleanly” without the ‘black screen hang’.

If you want to check out the full longer patch notes, you can do so now by visiting the game’s official forums. Elite Dangerous is out now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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