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Essential changes to Call of Duty: Ghosts to make the best class


Call of Duty: Ghosts recently received a massive patch for the game across all platforms. The patch has brought about some of the biggest changes Ghosts has seen since launch. It’s made some weapons more powerful, some less powerful, and changed one of the most over-powered perks in the game. If you’re looking to build the best class for Call of Duty: Ghosts, you may want to take the following changes into consideration.

IED Nerfed

IED have been largely regarded as OP since November, but the most recent patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts has given you a better chance at survival if you happen to trip one of these explosives. Savvy Ghosts players will know that after a previous update, you could duck or jump to take less damage from an IED, given that you guessed right on the direction of the explosion. With the latest patch, as long as you duck or jump when the IED is triggered, you will get a damage reduction regardless of where the IED is positioned.

This has been one of the most frustrating aspects of Call of Duty ghosts since last year’s launch, and it appears that Infinity Ward has finally got it right with the latest patch. If you’re the type of player that frequently uses IEDs in your class setup, don’t be surprised if they aren’t as effective as they’ve been in the past.

VEPR Best Agressive SMG

The VEPR SMG has been buffed in the latest patch to make it quite possibly the best run and gun weapon in Call of Duty ghosts now. The buff decreases the time it takes to aim down sights, coupled with its previous stats gives the VEPR SMG the fastest time to go from full sprinting to shooting than any other weapon. It allows you to get an edge on the competition by starting your shots while they are still readying their gun.

The VEPR SMG has decent damage at range, and that can be increased by adding attachments to the weapon. Depending on what game modes you play most frequently, and you play style, the VEPR might be the best SMG in class with after the latest update.

Support Squad Member Nerfed

It didn’t take long for the Call of Duty community to figure out that the Support Squad Mate perk was over-powered. The shield bearing AI controlled perk was a popular set it and forget it option for many Call of Duty: Ghosts players because of how difficult these guys were to take down.

After the latest patch, they’ve been nerfed significantly. The Support Squad Mate now has a lower rate of fire from their weapon, and carries a less dangerous firearm. Killing the Support Squad Mate is still most easily done by knifing them. However, the perk has made it easier to get closer to the character due to the decreased rate of fire and weapon change.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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