Evil Dead Single Player Missions List: All Missions in Solo Mode

The full list of available solo mode missions in Evil Dead: The Game.

by Chris Park


Evil Dead isn’t just for multiplayer fans, there’s some content here for solo players as well.  Whether you want to play with A.I. bots against a CPU controlled demon or you want to get a little bit of Evil Dead lore in the Solo Missions in the game, there’s something here for you.  While admittedly this isn’t a full-fledged single player, traditional story mode, the Evil Dead does spread some lore around in Solo Missions.

Accessing Solo Missions in Evil Dead can be done by the main menu under the Missions tab.  At the moment there are only five Solo Missions in Evil Dead, with one on the way designated with a “Coming Soon” section.

Evil Dead Single Player Mission List

All of these solo missions in Evil Dead are basically multi-step quests that you’ll need to push through to complete to unlock the rewards below.  There are no continues and all have a standard difficulty.  Though there are plenty of weapons, power-ups, health and ammunition to help you make it through.

If you love someone, set them free… with a Chainsaw

  • Unlock Ash Williams and Knowby Recording 1

Party Down!

  • Unlock Funeral Attire and Knowby Recording 2

Kill Em’ All 

  • Unlock Amanda Fisher and Knowby Recording 3

It’s not Gonna Let Us Go!

  • Unlock Pablo Simon Bolivar and Knowby Recording 4

Homecoming King

  • Unlock Lord Arthur and Knowby Recording 5

These solo missions in Evil Dead need to be played in order, so once you make it through the first one, a second one will unlock and so on until you’ve reached the end of the missions.

Evil Dead: The Game  is available now for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and soon on Switch.

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