Fall Guys – How to Climb

Get around faster, by climbing

by Kyle Hanson

The characters in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout might not be the most agile and maneuvarable beings, but they make it work. Mostly this is down to the stages not requiring too much in terms of running, jumping, climbing, and other advanced parkour mechanics. Instead you just need to get from point a to point b, usually utilizing platforms or ramps. Still, climbing is an important technique that can be the difference between a Crown or swift elimination. To help, here’s how to climb in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

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How to Climb

As you’ve explored the many levels within Fall Guys you may have noticed a few key places where players like to climb. The ledge separating sections of Whirligig or some areas of the map in Tail Tag are pretty common climbing spots for many players. Each offers its own advantages, whether it’s to move faster through the area, jumping in front of a large group, or escaping a pursuer seeking to steal your tail. No matter what the goal is, the process is the same.

To climb in Fall Guys you simply need to jump toward or up to a flat edge and hold the grab button, which is R1 on PS4 or Shift on PC. If the edge has white stripes or other coloration, such as those on the see-saw platforms, you won’t be able to grab it. But flat edges of most non-moving platforms can be grabed. Once you have latched on just hit jump (X on PS4 or Space on PC) to climb up to the higher platform.

And that’s how to climb in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. With so few actual movement mechanics knowing this simple one should give you an edge over other players. In a game where seconds count so much, that can be all the difference you need.