Fall Guys – How to Get Crowns and Kudos

Get the stuff you need to buy costumes and emotes

by Kyle Hanson

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout features three different ways to unlock content. There’s the traditional way, by spending real world money on DLC, which currently gives you a bunch of costumes, including the Fast Food pack that launched alongside the game. Then there are two in-game currencies, only one of which you can buy. These are Crowns and Kudos and while they serve a similar function, they’re quite different in how to get them. Here’s how to get Crowns and Kudos in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

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How to Get Kudos

Let’s start with the easier one to attain in game. Kudos are kind of the base currency in Fall Guys, letting you buy different costumes and emotes for use in the game. Nothing is actually game impacting, you won’t win any more matches by spending Kudos (or Crowns for that matter), since it’s all cosmetic. But players love customizing their characters, so you’ll definitely want a ton of Kudos to spend.

To get them you can always buy a pack inside of the DLC store on the game’s menu. These cost about $0.005 per Kudo, but specials and bundles can make it cheaper if you want. Luckily though, you never actually have to spend money if you don’t want to. Kudos come just by playing in matches of Fall Guys. The better you do, meaning the further you get and the more players eliminated along the way, the more Kudos you’ll receive. Play enough and you’ll have a healthy amount ready to spend whenever you want. Crowns are a bit different though, as they require more skill.

How to Get Crowns

Crowns are like Kudos in that you just have to play Fall Guys to get them, but for Crowns you actually have to win. Yes, this elusive currency requires you to actually beat all the other players in the game, and grab the crown at the very end (you will also unlock some Crowns as you reach level milestones). Doing so will give you a single Crown to spend on DLC and unlockables. Of course, some of them cost five or more Crowns, so you need to be pretty good at the game if you want to get them all. Playing enough should get you a few eventually, thanks to how random some of the games are here.

Hopefully that helps explain how to get Crowns and Kudos in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

- This article was updated on August 5th, 2020