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Fall Guys – How to Grab (the Crown)

Grab the Crown by grabbing other things

by Kyle Hanson


The goal in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is to grab the crown waiting at the end of a series of challenges. While we can’t tell you how best to win the whole game, since it’s always changing, we can show you all the tools at your disposal to accomplish a victory. And grabbing is one of the most important tools available to you and your fellow Fall Guys. So you’ll want to know all the tips and tricks for how to grab in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

How to Grab

The grab button is different based on your preferred platform, of course. On Xbox One it’s RT, on PS4 it’s R2, and PC assigns it to Shift by default. You can always switch this around to be whatever you want by messing with the settings, but these work very well for most players. Grab isn’t the strongest tool, as other players can break free quite easily while objects are pretty heavy and can’t just be picked up and tossed around. Still, getting used to how grab works will help make you a far better player.

How to Grab the Crown

Which means you’ll end up possibly being the one to grab the crown waiting at the end of the game. You do actually have to grab it by the way. If you make it to that final challenge and are able to race to the finish before anyone else you need to know the above first. Then it’s all about timing and speed. Make it to that final stage with the crown in front of you and you might rush ahead, leaping to your imminent loss.

Instead, be patient if you have the opportunity. Watch the crown float in front of you and wait for it to start dropping downward. Run and jump off the side then hold the grab button to grab the crown and claim victory. And that’s both how to grab and how to grab the crown in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

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