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Fallout 76 Chems List: What They Do

Every chem in Fallout 76 and what it does when you take it.

by William Schwartz


Fallout 76 is all about survival and to do that you’re going to need scavenge everything you possibly can from the wastelands of Appalachia.  You’ll find water that needs to be used to control thirst, different foods to control hunger, but you’ll also find a bunch of different chems that can be taken to give you temporary and permanent buffs to your different attributes.  Below you’ll find a list of all the different chems in Fallout 76 and what effect they have on you when you take them.

Some of these chems will come in handy at different times, some are more rare than others so don’t go wasting them if you don’t need them if you want to survive in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 Chems

Addictol – Cures user of all addictions

Buffout – Grants temporary bonuses to strength, endurance, and maximum health

Calmex – Grants temporary bonus to perception, agility, and sneak attack damage

Daddy O – Grants temporary bonus to intelligence and perception but also gives temporary penalty to charisma

Daytripper – Grants temporary bonus to charisma and luck, but also gives temporary penalty to strength

Med X – Grants temporary bonus to damage resistance

Mentats – Grants temporary bonus to perception and intelligence

Psycho – Grants temporary bonus to damage dealt and damage resistance

Rad X – Grants temporary increase for radiation resistance

Radaway – Removes radiation damage that has already been taken

Stimpack – Heal injuries, restores damage limbs, recovers health

X- Cell – Grants temporary bonus to every special attribute

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