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Fallout 76 How to Cure Diseases

Have plenty of these items on hand in case you get sick.

by William Schwartz


In Fallout 76 there are many times where you’re going to get diseased.  This can come from a number of different sources, but unfortunately diseases will cause you to become dehydrated and hungry more quickly.  To cure these ailments in Fallout 76 you’re either going to have to wait it out or take specific items.

You can cure diseases instantly if you have the Disease Cure item or Antibiotics.  However, if you wait long enough a disease will run its course on its own.  These curing items are limited and must be found out in the world so make sure to have some on hand in your inventory.

There are numerous things that can cause diseases in Fallout 76.  The short list below reveals some of the things that can cause you to become diseased in the first place.

  • Diseased Enemies
  • Sleeping on a bed that doesn’t have a frame
  • Drinking Dirty Water
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Eating Raw Food That Hasn’t Been Cooked
  • Swimming in Dirty Water

Once you do have a disease in Fallout 76 you’ll be able to tell by the little orange icons in the bottom right of the screen.  You can also check diseases in the Status section of Pip Boy menu.  You’ll also notice that your food and water bars will drain much more quickly.  This can leave you at a disadvantage when fighting enemies or other players.

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