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Fallout 76 How to Cure Radiation

Get all your health points back with RadAway.

by William Schwartz


Stepping out of the vault into the nuclear wasteland that is Appalachia, you’ll no doubt be getting radiation poisoning.  Eating the wrong foods, dipping into the wrong water sources, getting too close to radiated objects, these are all things that can start eating away at your maximum health.  Curing Radiation in Fallout 76 is fairly straight forward if you’ve got the right items you can get back to max health.

As shown in the image above, the HP meter in the left hand corner has almost a third of it taken away by rads.  You can get this HP back though if you use RadAway.  RadAway  Cures Radiation in Fallout 76 and can be found in many places.  This powerful item can be found on enemies that you’ve killed, through looting, and can be given as a Quest Reward.

Unlike previous games, players need to manage their thirst levels and hunger levels.  This is where rads can start to creep up on you.  Unboiled Water and uncooked food will most certainly increase your rads upon consumption.  So players would do well to head to a cooking station to prepare food and boil water when looking to quench thirst or hunger.

There is also another item called Rad-X that can prevent this radiation poisoning and the amount of damage that it does.  Simply pop Rad-X and it will limit the amount of rads you receive from different sources.  As far as rad prevention goes, there are also a handful of perks that you can equip to help you slow down the radiation.  Keep an eye out for Perks that reduce rads when you open new Perk Packs when you level up your character.  Depending on what you find to be most important in your character build, you might want to try perks alongside RadAway and Rad-X to keep radiation in check in Fallout 76.

- This article was updated on:November 8th, 2018

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