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Fallout 76 How to Learn New Crafting Recipes & Schematics

There are a few ways to learn new crafting techniques in Fallout 76.

by William Schwartz


Crafting is one the core ideas behind Fallout 76.  Crafting allows you to cook food, craft ammunition, items, and building supplies.  To make these items you’re going to need a couple of things, but most importantly you’re going to need crafting recipes or schematics to craft new items.

You’ll find these schematics and recipes all over the world in Fallout 76.  Whether you find them in a Supply Chest during a mission, dropped by enemies, or just through exploration, there are plenty of things to build in Fallout 76.  Once you’ve found a new schematic or recipe it will be listed in the notes section of the Pip Boy.  To learn the recipe you must head into that menu and then read the note to learn the recipe or schematic.

You can also learn new recipes for items when you scrap them.  The first time that you pick up a new food item you may learn a new basic cooking recipe for it.  Or, when you scrap a piece of armor, a mod, or a weapon, you can also unlock the ability to craft that item when at the appropriate workstation.

With so much loot in Fallout 76 it is easy to forget about checking the notes section in the Pip Boy to learn a recipe.  If you’re looking to craft a specific item and it is not unlocked in the crafting menu but you know you’ve found the recipe, just head into the Pip Boy menu to read the recipe so that you can use it.

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