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Far Cry 6 – How to Get Amigos to Stop Following You

Get Guapo off your back

Amigos in Far Cry 6 are animal companions that will help you in battle.  Each Amigo is different, but sometimes you might want to dismiss your amigo and go it alone.  In this guide we’ll explain how to control your Amigos, change Amigos & completely dismiss them if you prefer.

How to Get Amigos to Stop Following You

While many games have a dismissal system baked into the game that can be accessed on the fly, Far Cry 6 does not.  To dismiss an Amigo you will need to head into the Amigos menu.  This can be found in the pause menu and then by using the bumpers to tab over to the Amigos section.  There you will find a list of locked and unlocked Amigos.


If an Amigo is following you, you will see a blue checkmark in their picture.  Hovering over that picture will give you an option to “Dismiss” the Amigo.  Simply follow the button prompt to Dismiss the Amigo companion.  You will need to hold either the Cross button on PlayStation or the A Button on Xbox.

How to Control your Amigos

The Amigos have a couple different control options.  You can summon or direct them by pressing right on the d-pad while they are summoned.  You can also call them back to you by holding right on the d-pad.  You can tell if an Amigo is summoned because you will see the animal close by with a blue paw icon over it.

How to Change Amigos

Changing Amigos is done in the aforementioned menu that allows you to dismiss them.  You can simply follow the prompts on an Amigo that is not currently following you and summon them by holding the button prompt.  There are numerous Amigos to unlock in Far Cry 6.  Unlocking them requires meeting them and usually following a short quest line.

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