Far Cry 6 Rooster Locations: Where to Find All 19 Roosters

Where are the roosters?

by Shubhendu Vatsa

If you manage to collect 19 roosters scattered around Yara in Far Cry 6, you will be rewarded with the Recrooster trophy. From collecting relics to hijacking tanks, Far Cry 6 has a ton of things to keep players busy. You can even participate in cockfighting- a violent contest between two chicken fighters. However, to take part in this strange contest, players will need a fowl as well as some betting money.

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There are a total of 19 living roosters to be found in and around Yara and each of these roosters can be used in the cockfighting mini-game. The roosters can be discovered inside wooden boxes. The crate icon will appear on the minimap, indicating the precise location when you approach near a rooster. With that said, here are all 19 Roosters locations in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 Rooster Locations

Given below are the locations of all the roosters that players can find in Far Cry 6:

  • El Aguila – A rooster is at the mountain’s summit in Serpentino Park near the Cortina River. You can get up there with a helicopter or a wingsuit.
  • Papacito – You can find another chicken in Castillo National Zoo in a chicken enclosure.
  • El Rato – You will find the rooster in a box near the cockfighting ring in Montero Farm.
  • El Dorado – Once you accept the “Spur of the Moment” side quest, an underground bunker in the north part of the map will be accessible. The rooster is inside the bunker; go down the first hall, then turn right into the open door. There will be a group of dead chickens on the table; behind that table is the rooster box.
  • Acero – A rooster can be found in the east of Verdera, on the roof of a house.
  • El Pico – Travel to the farm south of the Botanical Gardens. You will observe a blue house with a lifeless pig outside. The chicken box is against the back of the blue house.
  • El Fenix – A rooster can be found in a large home west of Muerte Point. The chicken is behind a white metal bar door adjacent to the stairs to the front of the home.
  • El Muerte Negro – In the western-most part of Segunda town proper, there is a rooster box sitting in a fenced-off backyard.
  • El Huevo – Another rooster is in Mirador Cape on the cliffside of Local La Joya PFP Offices. Go into the enemy building to find the chicken box.
  • Ell Gallo Magnifico – Players can get a rooster automatically during the “Everything to Lose” mission.
  • Hermoso – Travel to the western part of Bonilla Farm in Savannah Fields and find the rooster in an animal enclosure with a red gate.
  • La Bala de Plata – Another Far Cry 6 rooster is at Álvarez Farm on Vacia Coast; the rooster is on the rear of a cart loaded with plants.
  • La Bestia Blanca – You can collect the final rooster during the “The Last One to Leave” treasure hunt in Esperanza inside the Casas del Lodo Residences.

Players will need to buy the last six roosters in the Ubisoft Connect Store. However, these aren’t required for the Recrooster trophy/achievement completion.

Far Cry 6 is now available on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. ​