Far Cry 6 Sanguinario Location: Where to Find the Mythical Jaguar

Keep your wits about you.

by Ben Stroud


Behind Far Cry 6’s beautiful new playground Yara, the facade it portrays merely hides the danger and risk that lives throughout the landscape. Many options of progress are available to you as a player, be it treasure hunting, racing, side quests or, in this case, more importantly, hunting. Around Yara are six locales that contain spots for tracking down “Mythical” creatures for rewards. For this walkthrough, we will be focusing on the “Sanguinario” mythical jaguar. Below, you can find the first steps to take before beginning your hunting escapades and ultimately what area this beast happens to populate.

Building The Hunting Lodge

To guarantee you receive your rewards, Far Cry 6 allows you to design Hunting Lodges in either El Este, Valle De Oro or Madrugada Guerilla camps. Discovering the hammer icon on your camps radar, the foreman will construct the lodge for a payment of 40 medicine and 40 metal. Doing so allows you to get specific rewards based on what legendary animal you have claimed and also an exclusive bow. Along with the design of your newest hunting base, the further five mythical animals locations can be purchased if you would rather know all six points of their whereabouts for later usage.


Where to Find Sanguinario in Far Cry 6

West of the Vacia Coast this creature roams through the night. Pictured above in south El Este, Sanguinario is a nocturnal jaguar, meaning he only happens to come out during darkness. Furthermore, to make matters worse, he also brings along a few equally dangerous friends along for the evening festivities. Planning accordingly, he shall only ever appear at night, not before. So do not arrive at dusk and wait around, as you will be simply wasting your time.

It took me a few small walks through and around the village to eventually get the map mark/hunting spot to spawn. An important point also, once the notification informs you that the spot has been discovered. It’s very likely for Sanguinario to spawn in your close proximity, hearing that growl in the dark has never made me jump for a rooftop as quick, ever.


As you see above, Sanguinario isn’t your average feline. He is humongous and takes quite the damage to put down, my personal strategy was to use the fishing village huts around me. Jumping up on top and shooting downwards towards the group of Jaguars is one of the most effective ways of combatting the entire group. On the flip side, you are more than welcome to take the group head-on if you’re in the mood for a fight, be warned, however, as Sanguinario is quite the adversary.

Far Cry 6 is now available on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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